Why does my face get fat when I am on my period?

I now there is bloating, but I don't really get that too bad around the waistline. My clothes still fit good, and I don't really gain weight. However, I would rather have that then getting a fat face. And this isn't something I only notice, a lot of people do. My friends always know when I am on my... Show More

No girls have experienced this?

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  • The answers to this question are so ridiculously stupid

    It's water retention. It's possible to get bloated or swollen anywhere on your body.

    If it's on your face, try sleeping with your head elevated on a pillow. Cut back on salty/greasy/sodium packed foods. Drink 8-10 cups of water a day.

    ^Do this a week before(and while on) your period and you might notice a reduction in the swelling.

    Fluids tend to build up when you sleep on a non-elevated surface so an elevated head will help fluids flow downwards. Salt and sodium can lead to water retention. Water will flush out the excess fluids.

    • And I's normal. I've gotten it occasionally. I've found that drinking water and cutting salty foods outta my diet helps