Why does my face get fat when I am on my period?

I now there is bloating, but I don't really get that too bad around the waistline. My clothes still fit good, and I don't really gain weight. However, I would rather have that then getting a fat face. And this isn't something I only notice, a lot of people do. My friends always know when I am on my period, and it's not because I get bitchy (well I probably do) or anything but because of my face, Why does it get so bloated, and why does it look so different. I've proven this is true too. I took pictures of my face during my period and when I wasn't. It's just something that bothers me because everyone judges people based on their face on first impression. I'm going on a date for New Years and I am going to be on my period, so I am going to look bad. It's a blind date.

No girls have experienced this?


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  • The answers to this question are so ridiculously stupid

    It's water retention. It's possible to get bloated or swollen anywhere on your body.

    If it's on your face, try sleeping with your head elevated on a pillow. Cut back on salty/greasy/sodium packed foods. Drink 8-10 cups of water a day.

    ^Do this a week before(and while on) your period and you might notice a reduction in the swelling.

    Fluids tend to build up when you sleep on a non-elevated surface so an elevated head will help fluids flow downwards. Salt and sodium can lead to water retention. Water will flush out the excess fluids.

    • And I's normal. I've gotten it occasionally. I've found that drinking water and cutting salty foods outta my diet helps

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  • A) Either you're storing up water in your facial tissue.

    b) Or you're you're hormonally incapable of looking at yourself objectively.

    c) or both

  • you needn't worry about the bloating...it's totally physiological due to rise in estrogen and progesterone which tend to reduce water reabsorption which leads to facial edema and the moodiness is part of another physiological phenomenon known as pmd or premenstrual dysphoria...some people get while some don't..it's purely based on the cellular structure...

  • water weight gain

    • Yeah I know, but normal women get water weight every where. I only get it in just my face and no where else. Most people feel bloated so their pants don't fit. I've never had that problem. It all goes into my face. I was wondering why it's only my face and nothing else.

    • I wonder also...but I hope its nit too noticiable

  • Maybe its time to see a doctor

  • Best way to find out is to google search it, not that hard...

    • Or I could find people who have actually experienced it. People who have experienced it know better than just a google search. And for your information, I did before I asked here and I only found answers about bloat everywhere but the face. If everyone just google searched then Q and A sites wouldn't exist. I am allowed to use this site if I want to. If you didn't want to answer or didn't know, just ignore the question. It's not that hard.

    • link


      GaG is so incompetent it astounds me despite seeing examples of it constantly.

    • Yeah the first one was the whole body and face and the second one didn't even get an answer to the question. I was asking why it was just my face and nothing else at all. Again, if you had a problem with the question then just ignore it. And you also used examples of people ASKING WHY. You have such a huge problem with me asking a question on here, and yet you linked to sites where people asked the question. Get over yourself a**hole. It was for girls anyway.

  • Prolly because of water retention

    • Yeah I figured that, but why the face. Most people get it at the waistline, not the face.

    • Everybody's body reacts differently. For you, your bloating during your period probably occurs more in your face than other places in your body.

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  • It's just your hormones

    Don't worry

    But of it's really bad
    See a doctor

  • Don't worry, I experience exactly the same as this every month, only in my face. It starts about 5 days before my period and lasts rigth up until the last day. I absolutely hate it so know how you are feeling. I have found that drinking water helps quite a bit, I tend to try to make sure I only drink water and nothing else, as anything else just seems to increase the bloating. I drink 2 to 3 litres a day and can definitely say this helps to reduce the bloating. Try to do this in the week running up to new years and cut out salty and sugary foods and you may find your face doesn't look too bad on the night. My face seemed to become even more so when I started taking the contraceptive pill as well, so I have been cutting down on carbohydrates also. Hope this helps and don't worry about the rude comments :)

  • Because everything gets swollen :(

  • I think this is due to water retention.