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Why would he lie about having a girlfriend?

I've been talking to a guy for a while now and we get along really well. He told me he had broken up with his girlfriend a while back an didn't have... Show More

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  • A security blanket, something to fall back on if you and him don't work out. I'm sure he likes you or at least likes spending time with you, but he may not be sure whether or not you are girlfriend material yet. The obvious answer as to why he lied about telling you if he had a girlfriend or not is because you would have walked away or never hung out with him from the get go. I would say in this situation his girlfriend is the one being used right now since you were the first to figure out there's another woman. You have two options really... one- tell him to inform his current girlfriend of yours and his relationship, best way to know that he has is to speak to him and her both at the same time. two- find another guy hun. Personally I would go with option 2 and suggest that you do as well. He's lied to you from the start, he's lied to his current girlfriend which shows how he acts in a relationship with a girl, and he attempted to cover up a lie by telling you he didn't "update" his facebook. Lies+cheating+sneaky+other woman= not a good guy to date at all.

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