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Guys: What do you like about a girl's soft skin so much?

I guess you could say my skin is really soft. I have a generally 'fair' appearance: light skin and eyes, and sort of dark blond hair. I have a... Show More

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  • Soft skin is really amazing. There is nothing sexier than a woman who just gets out of the shower just the way they smell and everything I don't know what it is.

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  • Yes it's a major turn on, perfect soft skin is hmmmmmm love it

  • You've got the right idea!

    Keep it up.

    Soft skin is nice to touch.

  • this also gos for guys to, every girl I've been with has said, I have really soft skin like a babies bum, girls love it, what's not to love about soft skin?

  • Well... its better than rough skin.

  • you put the lotion on...dont you like soft skin as well?

    • It doesn't make a difference to me. Personally, I just like the scent.

      My question was whether it makes a difference. Do all guys go crazy over it like he does, or is it just deemed as a nice, added bonus?

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    • I don't use fabric softener...my clothes get pretty soft washing them as I bang them against the rocks down at the creek. ;)

    • Efficient.

  • what can I say lucky guy, of course soft skin is a turn on , it's appealing and makes guys go CRAZY, I'm from the Mediterranean too, also I guy loves a girl who takes care of herself, again he is a very lucky guy

    • :)

    • all guys go crazy trust me, I wish my girl took care of herself like you do, I bet you're hot ;)

  • Soft skin relates to the hormone estrogen which plays a large role in the reproductive process of women. So pretty much men find soft skin attractive by instinct because it means that female is more likely able to successfully produce offspring.

    • Always nice to have a scientific perspective. Thanks!

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