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Does mint gum make you sick?

It always makes me really nauseous. Does anyone else experience this?

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  • It really depends on the specific kind of mint. I've never been a spearmint gum fan. As far as mint flavors go, I really only like Stride Peppermint and Extra Polar Ice. Besides that, I like tropical flavors, and regular bubble gum flavor occasionally.

What Girls Said 17

  • No, I like it

  • Nope. It actually cures my nausea to an extent.

  • Nope it just sucks as compared to friuty gum imo.

  • No , but bubble gum makes me sick

  • Mint gums are the worst. I don't like them.

    And yeah they give me kinda this feeling.

    I prefer the fruity ones. ^^

  • It doesn't make me sick. It's my favorite kind.

  • I like mint gum, it's the only kind I chew

  • I love mint gum!

  • I don't think it does. I just stear clear of it anyway because I don't like mint :P

  • Yea, mint gum can kind of get annoying(Taste wise). Usually when I chew it for long periods of time, I start to get a headache or I get really hungry ;3

  • No, that's never happened to me.

  • After awhile of chowing it, it makes me sick..

  • I thought I was the only one that gets an odd symptom from gum! I know winterfresh actaully gives me a tight throat. Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I say that but its literally the only kind that does.

  • If I'm hungry it makes me feel nauseous, but that's it.

  • the one that's too strong of a flavor makes me feel a bit sick lol. I prefer trident or Stride one

  • Nope

What Guys Said 6

  • I chew mint gum all day long. Doesn't bother me.

  • I have started chewing gum all the time because I am dieting and it keeps my mouth busy, mint gum doesn't make me sick or anything but it does make me gag early in the morning due to my shocking gag reflex when I wake up

  • No I think its just you.

  • some kinds do actually. I feel like I wanna vomit but the good ones are pretty refreshing

  • doesn't do anything to me

  • If I chew it for a long time, yes.

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