Hostess shutting down. What will we do without our Twinkies?

I am not ready to say goodbye to Twinkies!

In all seriousness, I do have a few guilty pleasure foods, and Twinkies is one of them. What are your guilty pleasure foods?


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  • Hostess is shutting down because the greedy Teamsters union didn't get everything they wanted. No surprise there.

    But Hostess was a corporation and was therefore evil by nature, concerned about nothing but profits. So the thousands of people who made a living working for them and will now be taking unemployment benefits, paid for with our tax dollars...they are just a casualty of the liberal war against corporate America.

    • watch Fox "news' much? LOL

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    • as does the validity of it LOL

    • Yes, thanks for conceding.

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  • Even as a kid I sensed these things were poisonous and lacking in nutrition. No tears about these things going. Maybe people will start shaping up if these foods start vanishing.

  • Imo, I believe some company will buy them, and they'll be back in business.

    • I haven't been a huge contributor of the profits of Hostess anyways. But what I am concerned about is those 18K people that are unemployed due to an over-aggressive union making outrageous demands.

  • Aww, I'm sure someone will buy the twinkies brand and continue making them.

    Anyway, ice cream is my weakness, and moist chocolate chip cookies.

  • Dunkin' Donuts Boston Kremes. SO delicious!

  • Don't care because I don't eat junk food.

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  • I had never had a Twinkie before my 20th birthday, and I've never had one since. I don't even know what else Hostess makes. Thanks to my sheltered life, I feel no sense of loss lol

    Ice cream is my poison though, Twinkies are nothing compared to ice cream.

  • Star Crunches too?

    Wtf that was my childhood :'(

  • I actually read that it is entirely likely that some company will buy up the patents for twinkies and other hostess snacks so it is unlikely that you will have to say goodbye for long to your twinkies.

    I have too many guilty pleasure foods than is good for me...

  • I've never had a twinkie - guess I won't be missing out? lol =P

  • You can have all of my mine. Every last Twinkie I got is yours.

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