Did you ever feel like this?

Maybe I never gave the world a chance, when I was born I closed my eyes after one glance. I didn't think there was anything here for me, and the only solace I found was in dreams and fantasy.

But with you I felt that I could live, I felt the joy throughout my heart and knew how much it had to give. Your lips on mine made me forget my pain, and your arms around me made me feel safe again.

And yes I knew deep down it couldn't last, that soon you'd be another ghost of past, but I pretended it might and so I stood in shock that frightful day, when you said you had to leave and took everything away

You said you didn't feel enough for me, so you walked out and I knew I had to set you free. And now everyone around me says that I should smile, that this pain will only last me for a while.

They say I should let you go and just be strong, and be OK with never seeing you my life long. But that means getting back to who I was before, I was so fearful, so angry, so unsure.

Before this nothing ever felt so true, as when it was you with me and me with you. I told you everything, I said it all, I told you stories of my mind, my heart and soul.

And you listened, and you said you'd always care, but then why now when I wake are you not there? And why in this life will you never be? Why did you take yourself away and leave just me?

Sometimes on the days I'm really weak, when it's hard to walk or think or breathe or speak, I imagine you here with me looking at me with your smile, and it gives me a certain peace just for a while.

But then I remember when you said goodbye, and all our moments mock me like some horrid lie, and I get so angry but I go on missing you still, I know I must forget you, but I know I never will


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  • I like to say that it only took me a year to get over this one guy. But in all honesty I didn't get over him until I fell in love for the first time, truly in love. It took me just a bit over two years to truly get over him, over two years to find another person who made my heart sing. And imagine my surprise when this new someone made my heart sing louder! Sure, there were little crushes in between these two years. But when my tingling feelings for those brief crushes faded, my thoughts always drifted back to him.

    I don't know if you have to fall in love with another person to truly get over the last one. But that's how it happened for me. I guess it's different for everyone. From one sensitive heart to another, I am very sorry you are hurting right now.

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      Thanks that is inspiring. I loved him but perhaps I wasn't in love and there's someone out there I can fall in love with and be happier with. I'm glad you found the right man :)

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      Yeah, it's so weird! You think you love a person, and you do love them of course, but then you discover you can love another person even deeper. And thank you so much, I'm glad of it as well :)