Why I am Happy with my Body

There's something I don't understand. Among all this body positivity shit you have people asking questions. Things like "what's your favourite body type?" "What's your dream body?" "If you could have any body, what would it be?"

I don't get it.

But then, I don't get most body positivity messages either.

I hear people calling everyone beautiful. I hear people saying that someone always finds you beautiful. That if he/she doesn't find you pretty enough then someone else will.

Why? Why do we say these things? They're so . . . Shallow. Stupid.

Not everybody is beautiful. That is a fact. An annoying, sad fact. But a fact nonetheless.

Not everybody is attractive.

Yes different people have different ideas of what they find appealing, be it big boobs, big thighs, skinny, long hair, short hair, bald. Maybe they like stretch marks, or makeup, scars, deformities.

But what are the chances of finding this girl/guy who is attracted to specifically your body, and having them like you for you, or you liking them?
What are the chances, that you find someone who likes everything about your body, but nothing about your personality. What if you find this person who finds you so appealing, but they look to you like the dogs breakfast at dinner?

There is somebody out there for everyone. Possibly. But that doesn't mean we'll all find them or pick the right one.

Now to get to my point.

Why am I happy with my body?

It's not because I'm skinny (im trying to put weight on)
It's not because I'm olive.
It's not because I've been called cute. (I've been called ugly just as often)
It's not because my friends use my head as an arm rest
Or because I can crack almost every bone in my body.

Why don't I hate my body?

I can't run without over heating.
I have pimples over my face, chest and all down my back.
I have IBS.
I have trouble going to the toilet and my GP says nothing can be done.
I have my grandmothers hands.
I have a BO problem that's a little hard to maintain.
My hair is always too long.
I keep being told to trim my eyebrows.
My toenails grow too quickly and often become ingrown when cut.
I've a high chance of problems with my uterus by the time I'm thirty.
I've a decent chance for breast cancer.
My boobs sag and hurt if I run or go up/down stairs.

I have a few good reasons to dislike my body. But I don't.

I love my body. And not because my boyfriend calls me cute, not because family call me a looker, not because "somebody will find you attractive" I love my body because it's mine.

My body is mine and nobody else's.

Why I am Happy with my Body

I don't want a different body. I don't want smaller thighs, I don't want bigger hands, lighter eyes, 'kissable' lips. Because that's not my body.
My body is big thighs, tiny hands, dark eyes and lips of whatever. My body is unique because it's on me and would suit no one else.

Wanting a different body, is like wanting to copy another artists work.

It looks good, sure. But it doesn't look like you, and you are gorgeous in your own right.
As long as you believe so.

So to conclude, not everybody is beautiful in the eyes of everyone else. But that doesn't matter. As long as you love your body, it shouldn't matter what the haters think. It's all about you, and how you see yourself.

Thank you for reading.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • This was a pretty great myTake. Upvote! "I love my body because it's mine. My body is mine and nobody else's." Yes.

    But you can treat your body -- and your life -- as an asset (sorry) to be invested in and improved upon. This involves loving it. At some point, you need to be happy with it, to know it is the best you can make it, and live your life.

    Our bodies reflect our values. I care about my life and love myself. I want to live a long, happy, healthy life. I want my outward appearance to reflect that. I want to be around others who feel the same.

    Sometimes we see couples with great, shall we say, attractiveness disparity? But it is increasingly unusual, I think.

    From the male point of view, our bodies can be improved and toned. This is mostly true for women too.

    "I hear people saying that someone always finds you beautiful. That if he/she doesn't find you pretty enough then someone else will. Why? Why do we say these things? They're so. . . Shallow. Stupid."

    People say them because we are currently in a culture, especially online, where everyone is compelled to be supportive and encouraging. I once posted something that was real, and someone admonished me: "what if a young, insecure girl reads that and kills herself?"

    I don't think filling people's heads with false notions is healthy either. If you have a body issue that can be addressed, and you're bitching and moaning about it on the internet, it seems more positive and constructive to encourage the person to do so, rather than encourage complacence.

    Yes, someone might find you attractive if you're not perfect. There is someone out there for everyone. For every loser bald guy living in his mother's basement, there is a fat girl with zits and stretch marks and kids that might allow herself to fall in love with him.

    There is a hierarchy in the universe, and if you don't work to achieve a high status, you'll be stuck in the lower echelon of the hierarchy, and you might not get the best partner for you.

    "Not everybody is beautiful. That is a fact. An annoying, sad fact. But a fact nonetheless."

    • If you have an issue with your body, and having people criticize you and encourage you to change it will hurt your feelings, DON'T SPEAK UP ABOUT IT. Don't post and bitch about it. Deal with it on your own, however you see fit. The world is a place and people can be cruel. Don't put your neck on the guillotine.

Most Helpful Girl

  • The inability of people to play the hand they're dealt. They perseverate lamenting the hand they received. They want a better hand rather than dealing with the hand they were dealt. If you constantly want a different hand you never learn to live your life the way it's supposed to be. Some guys think I am dropdead gorgeous. Other guys think am no big deal. If I constantly lamented the fact that not everybody likes me one not everybody is going to give me a big tip one not everybody thinks I'm attractive, I would go crazy. I think I am very smart very very smart. So how come I don't get 100% on every test. I study my ass off. The answer is I'm not that smart and I have to deal with that rather than consider myself a genius and then get hurt pissed off for what ever because I don't get 100%.
    Deal with the hand you have.


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What Guys Said 16

  • Good for you, a lot more girls need to read this (and some guys). Im happy with mine too.

  • Everything is an opinion. While yours is that not everyone is beautiful, mine is quite contrary. Everyone is their own breed of beautiful. Short is beautiful, tall is beautiful. Heavy is beautiful, skinny is beautiful. Any combination of any variety of facets is beautiful. Scars are beautiful to me. Burns are beautiful to me. Confidence is beautiful. Shyness is beautiful. This is just my opinion though. I obviously didn't cover everything, but the idea is there. The only thing I think is unattractive is disrespectful action toward another person.

    Stay beautiful,

  • If you don't like the way you look, taking steps to improve upon it is more valuable use of your time. That way you can take pride in the fact that youโ€™re making changes for yourself, rather than pitting your happiness on the outcome of those changes. Or trying to trick yourself into liking something you truly don't want. To be out of shape.

  • Well written girl my thoughts exactly.

  • Well said.
    You've got to love the skin you're in.

  • The only thing I try to go by is to focus on stuff I can control or change.

    Ok, plastic surgery might have ruined that one for some.

  • Be comfortable with yourself, you will never be someone else

  • I mean I am kinda jacked so I do compare because I turn out to be more jacked. I'd drill myself anal if I could #nohomo

    • Haha I guess it's good to compare when lifting yourself up!

      So long as you aren't comparing Piccaso to Van Gogh. (If you know what I mean)

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    • I was being sarcastic.

      And I'm starting to smell troll.

    • Well I am kinda still jacked af but dumb ain't just a river in egypt

  • why should I be happy about my body? I can go to the gym I do run do push ups the whole nine yards it won't change it or the world so w\e

  • being comfortable is good, but never be satisfied,

  • I am super hairy skinny and not very tall as men should be. I don't like my body at all and neither does any female on this planet likes me.

    • Well no problem, just learn how to make a lot of cash!. The sexy girls you dream off 60% of them are gold diggers, if you are a smart person! And like a gold mine, a sexy gold digger will easily stick around with you. Remember
      Jordan Belfort: [voice over] See money doesnโ€™t just buy you a better life, better food, better cars, better pussy, it also makes you a better person. You can give generously to the church or the political party of your choice. You can save the fucking spotted owl with money.

    • 'As men should be'

      What should men be? I don't think anyone should be anything. It's okay to not be the medias idea of the "ideal man". Don't beat yourself up about. So long as you're healthy you're fine.

    • Short guys are cool. My rule is taller than me but I'm 5'2 how tall are you?

  • I wnt to kiss your body

  • These types of "love your body" takes on GAG are mundane and boring.

  • So whatever happened to just improving?

    • So many people 'improve' for the wrong reason.

      People should improve for themselves. Not because they're comparing their self to others.

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    • Okay--sorry! I'm sorry you're in a bad place--I hope it's not too bad. Feel better!

    • Fundamental questions about the "improving" oneself phenomena
      Why are you seeking to improve?
      What are you aspiring to improve and why?
      What makes the "improvement" better than where you are now?
      In many cases, Not all, people improve themselves to fit into societal molds and constructs. For instance, the Paleo meal plan... or any meal plan for that matter is all about health, right?
      In some cases, or at least that is what we tell ourselves, when actually/realistically individuals are more concerned with if they "look" or "appear" Fit. Furthermore, it is unhealthy to restrict your body from anything, just try and eat everything in moderation... but here lies the problem with my statement that is the problem in "improving": who says one thing or the other makes you healthy? There are few things on this planet that will help you actually attain better health. There are fitness geeks as well as cookie hoarders who have strokes and who live healthy lives. Scientific studies are not fact.

  • I don't understand all this "I believe I'm beautiful, so I am" rhetoric I've been seeing lately at all. Does not compute.

    • It's not about that. It's simply about being happy with your body and not trying to change it just because society thinks this other body is beautiful.

      Don't love your body because it's 'perfect'. Love it because it's yours and nobody else's.

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    • You can also improve though.. I dont see why not, getting other people to find you attractive.. is positive.. i guess? Doing sports for example and thus getting fit is both good for your health and you'll look better. Same with losing weight.

      It's good to be happy with your body how it is of course, but when for example a fat/obese person is happy with his/her body. That's good, but she/he shouldn't complain when nobody finds them attractive, because then it's a choice they made themselves. Yet the complaining still happens often, like as complaining how all models are skinny/normal weight and that they should be fatter, but to the far majority of people that's just not attractive.

    • So If I want a certain guy to bang me I have to decide I'm attractive even though I'm fat? And then it'll happen?

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


What Girls Said 10

  • I LOVE YOUR TAKE SO MUCH. Like i'm in such awe, I have no words ๐Ÿ˜‚ Thank you so much for making my day like 10x better!

  • "I hear people saying that someone always finds you beautiful. That if he/she doesn't find you pretty enough then someone else will."

    I wholeheartedly believe this to be true. Obviously there are a minority of people that are really, really, "ugly" or deformed. I'm not talking about the small percentage of people like that. I'm talking about the beneath average but not deformed people.

    Don't you understand that beauty is subjective? There are features that you find ugly or unappealing that someone else will find attractive. That's the beauty of attraction. There's a fit for almost everyone!

    "Not everybody is beautiful. That is a fact. An annoying, sad fact. But a fact nonetheless."

    It's also a fact that there is someone for everyone, you just have to look hard enough.

    Someone WILL find you beautiful.

    I've seen some strange pairings in my lifetime. There are people that I'm like "wow he/she is so unattractive" but then the person they are with finds them beautiful and you can see it in their feelings written all over their face.

    So, on that point, I think you are wrong.

    I also think that it's a great thing to be body-positive. Self-esteem is a wonderful thing to have. It's not something that only beautiful people should have, it's something that EVERYONE should have, regardless of their looks. They have to live in that body. They should feel good while doing it.

  • I appreciate this so much. I love it... and I love it because it is not skinny bashing or fat bashing or all about the "I love myself" posts... it is about reality. Being Real is what keeps one happy. You are very real in this post, all of these body, intelligence, whatever ideologies are Relative to many other factors so it is best to live the way you want to live for YOU. Society changes their views on things as much as new "studies" appear, and these studies are not fact. I Believe in what you wrote, because it is Honest.

  • this is so beautiful, i absolutely love it! thanks for sharing <3

    • Thanks for reading ^-^

      I wasn't expecting such good feedback to tell you the truth.

    • no problem =]
      oh gaggers will surprise u sometimes, especially when you have such a wonderful message to share xx

  • I wanna hug you right now. Best MyTake EVER ! Just made my day, like I'll read that everyday until I become confident enough !

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. Thank you for taking the time to write this. <3

  • I don't want a different body, I love my body, but with that said I want the healthiest best version of my body than I can get ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • Loving your body gets you further than hating it. :)

  • its good than hat ur body

  • Good post. I especially like the picture at the end.

    I just want to add that if you are taking good care of your body, then in return your body will make you look good, healthier, and even prettier. All the little things that your mother told you (or should have told you), like brushing your teeth or washing your face, really pay off when you realize that taking care of your body means looking more attractive.

    I am still at the point of my life where I am beginning to realize that my mother is right all along. If I had washed my face every day and night instead of succumbing to my laziness in the wee hours of the morning, then I would have flawless skin by now. If I had regulated my food consumption better and brought lunches instead of eating junk food from Wendy's, then I wouldn't be 20 pounds overweight. *sigh*