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No Valentine from my boyfriend?!

My boyfriend didn't get me anything for valentines day and I have no idea why and its bothering me. I'm a little upset. I mean we went to a nice... Show More

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  • Ok As a guy I'm going to rag on guys that can't figure this out. It's simple you have girlfriend 1 Remember it's valentines don't forget it will will make her dump you or just make you look bad. 2 get a card and yes put some thought in to it not just any random card. Maybe even make one. 2 This one may be debatable. Flowers and if they have a kind they like more then roses get that. The meal thing well that's subject to each couple some like the home cooked meal some want the eating out game each is own on this. After being around girls everyday who chat with there fellow gals this is big issue with guys and why they still screw it up is beyond me. I'm frequently asked by ladies why their guy doesn't get it right I tell them I don't know either. For 2 to 3 weeks before every year you see TV adds hear radio adds even the web tells you. But some how they still can't get it. In your case I would tell him in passing how you best friend got this card from her man and she thought is so great. Maybe next year he'll get it right.

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  • The good news is that he took you to dinner! The bad news is that he was too lazy or thoughtless to give you flowers or candy... at least one beautiful rose! Sorry about that... but this is your call. Ask yourself how much you love him... or how faithful to you he is (is he?) or if he truly loves you and treats you with respect. Find out with yourself; and then decide how important it is. For me I GOT A TEXT! ... asshole. But in my case, I think the guy is online sexing and meeting etc. Time to dump mine. GOOD LUCK

  • Despite the absence of gifts, you're lucky to have a sweet dinner with your guy on Valentine's. Mine didn't even greet me on Valentine's. I am not after gifts, chocolates & flowers. All I wanted that day was to hear from the man I love. A brief call, e-mail or an SMS would do.. Sadly, I didn't even get any of those simple Valentine greetings from him.

    • Same here...not even an e-mail...NOTHING

  • Just let it go...and its not weird..my boyfriend didn't get me anything either...but you should be happy that he acknowleged that it was valentines day..

    • Yeah, true. I guess I'm more bothered mainly because I know for a fact he got his ex girlfriend a gift wen they were together 2 years ago..

    • Yeah I feel you..but things will work out for the better...Nothing to worry about..His ex girlfriend was the past...And maybe he got his reason why he didn't get you anything..or maybe his dinner was his gift for you..

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