Brock Lesnar vs Army Ranger/Navy SEAL (one-on-one)?

Army Ranger
Brock Lesnar vs Army Ranger/Navy SEAL (one-on-one)?


Brock Lesnar

  • Army Ranger/Navy SEAL wins.
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I know WWE is fake, but Brock Lesnar's power is not fake, not to mention he was also the UFC champion. Anyone of the three videos will show his power perfectly! Who do you think will win?


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  • lesner wins.

    seals are tough hombres but lesner was an elite level ufc fighter and seals focus more on military combat with weapons rather than hand to hand fighting. (notice all those seals have guns.)

    • They can use weapons other than military weapons (guns and knives, etc), such as chairs, lamp.
      Than who do you think will win?

    • lesner still wins. how many missions do you think seals went on with chairs and lamps? zero.

      in reality hand to hand combat is probably irrelevant in seal missions when you've got a machine gun.


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  • the military would win, the fight they do is to take people out quickly. the fighting he does is for show

  • considering that wrestling is fake and a army ranger is a trained killer you can't even compare the 2 seen as how one is used for entertainment with fancy extravagant moves and the other is used for efficient killing

    • Only hand to hand, and UFC is totally true.
      by the way, holding a 420IB person is not fake.

    • being strong doesn't make you a better fighter it could slow you down and make you're moves so slow might as well telegraph them yea UFC is real and i don't doubt they use similar moves but rangers are trained more around weapons using there weapons to end fights quickly so they can move on to the next target so any moves they do use will be for killing not harming i don't know if you can compare

  • Depends on the specific person he's up against and the environment/circumstances of the fight.

    • Just a normal indoor or street fight, unlimited use of weapons other than guns and knives.

  • In all honesty, the ranger would probably take out his gun and shoot brock to bits.

    • Only hand-to-hand combat, but you can use non-military weapons, such as chairs, lamps, doors, tables, anything other than military equipments.

  • Brock is amazing but a Navy Seal is way tuffer

  • Oh def. Brock

  • if the navy seal was pound for pound then the seal would win, for the seal it's life or death

    • Just a normal indoor or street fight, not about life or death.

    • I still think the SEAL but only if he has the same amount of years of CQC relative to Brock's in the cage.