Should I watch the anime The Future Diary dubbed or subbed?

I'm trying to get into an anime because I rewatched Fullmetal Alchemist and want to start something new.

Also, if you could recommend anything I would be happy.

Also, is The Future Diary any good?

Thanks :)


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  • In my opinion the sub was much better than dub. The dub's voices were too old for the characters in my opinion. The sub also really uhh "captures" the essence of the female character in the later episodes. (That's a good thing-- You'll see what I mean).
    The Future Diary/Mirai Nikki was something I actually really enjoyed. It had a good mix of action, blood, comedy, and creepiness. It also has a decent ending that wraps things up. It feels like the end was set well.

    I have tons of recommendations so just tell me anytime if you need more. However, off the top of my head, I'd start Steins;Gate. It seems like not much is happening at the beginning, but trust me and just watch until the end. So intense. I don't know your taste, but this anime has been my favorite out of all the ones I've ever seen. It has a great blend of comedy, super intense drama, action, and even has some romance -- but not too overpowering.

    Other than that, the big ones that I found to be good...
    -Death Note (has a good dub too!)
    -Black Buter (also has a really good dub)
    -Attack On Titan (a bit 'mainstream' but deserves it's praise. I suggest sub)

    The big three (Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece) are decent for awhile. But after watching episode after episode they can seem stretched out. Then they throw in fillers and filler arcs, like a friggin ninja ostrich in Naruto, and things start to drag on. Those are good things to watch when there is nothing else on.

    My site for watching anime has changed over the years. Crunchyroll works for some people, but it doesn't have everything and how the premium membership works is annoying. I suggest animenova. org for finding an anime if animeshow. tv doesn't have it -- with adblocker naturally. Animeshow goes in had while animenova is more reliable but only in like 480p.

    If you need any more help, pm or comment, and I can recommend more stuff or talk about stuff in more clear detail!

    • Thanks! I got into Bleach when it first came to the states. But I missed a few episodes, got lost and stopped. My boyfriend also really liked One Piece. I've heard so much about Death Note and Attack on Titan. And Black Butler is supposed to be really good. Thanks again :) !

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    • Thanks for MHO :)

    • You're welcome :)


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  • Subbed all the way dubbed in many respects is embarrassing.

  • Have you seen Attack on Titan + samurai champloo? Damn son

    • I haven't. I just started Black Butler too. But Attack on Titan is next on my list after I finish BB or TFD.

    • wow prepare to be blown away ! its so sick!

  • I watch all my anime subbed. I like hearing the original voice actors and it helps me keep up with Japanese slang. I haven't watched that one, so I don't know if it's good or not, but I do watch a lot of anime.

    • I heard the main female character's voice was very high and babylike. I dislike this type of voice. Do you think I should see it through. Also, are most female anime character's voices high and babylike? I liked Space Brothers in Japanese.

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    • These terms fly over my newb head. There's a lot of blood in this anime. Anyways :) thank you very much for your advice.

    • Sure. Let me know how you like it! =^.^=

  • Subbed if far better than dubbed in my opinion. You get to hear the characters the way the creators intended them to be. And some dubs are worse than others. FMA had a good dub but Cowboy Bebop for example while good missed the mark. If you can tolerate the Japanese language always go for subbed.

  • Subbed. They always sound weird dubbed and for most anime it's behind


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  • Watch in Japanese :D
    And I found it awesome

    • My idea (I've only just finished the first episode) is that Yuno wants to protect Yukki so she can find all the other players (as they target him) and then kill him herself. But who knows, that's only from the first episode. Don't tell me if I'm wrong haha. @GrooveSick

    • I hated her, but it was a good anime!

    • I'm so off haha. I was so so off. But yea, I still hate her. She's so annoying. @GrooveSick