What do you think of a protective boyfriend?

Like for example say your walking down the street and some guy yells "nice ass" or something along those lines you don't think much of it besides being a little rude but you call your boyfriend and just let him in on it he drives down there and bits the crap out of the guy is this over protective. yes or no what do you consider over protective.

I would also like to point out that this has nothing to do with me or any personal accounts just a general question. That is way to much trouble for me its much funnier to watch the girl kick him in the balls or verbally abuse him


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  • If a guy yells out "nice ass."

    i'd turn and give him a seductive *wink.

    • Hahah funny you win best anwser

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  • ive been in this situation before and my ex went up to the car of guys and offered to beat them up. I thought it was really sexy and cute. over protective is when he goes through your phone deleting every guy in there or answers the phone when a guy calls.

  • LOVE IT! :)

  • If he's gonna beat the crap out of some guy for that, then yes too overprotective and I'd probably leave him in fear he'd end up being some controlling jerk later. I get looks, even comments, all the time (what girl doesn't) and my husband takes it as a compliment. He says "I know I have you and they don't, so I don't need to worry. I'm glad other guys want you". He will get overprotective if a guy touches me, or tries anything. But, if he didn't, I'd be worried. Other than that, he always lets looks and comments slide. I do the same with him.

  • It can be a definite turn off. The boyfriend really needs to be able to just console his girlfriend. Girls don't understand why guys like to solve everything with violence. If it bothers her, then just help her feel better about it. Maybe even make a joke like, "Well, he was right!" or something along those lines that helps her boost her confidence. Just, beating the crap out of a guy solves nothing.

  • No, that is my personal biggest turn on!

    • So you would like him being that protective?

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    • I have known enough women to know that when women are willing to put up with men who are violent, it means there is something wrong with those women themselves as well. Take my sister for instance. Her husband once got them both thrown out of a bar because he started a fight with a guy who offered to buy my sister a drink. He is a piece of sh*t and I know enough about her to know that, well, lets just say they were made for each other. That's what I meant.

    • And also I'm sorry but unless your life is in danger or your boyfriend's is, he should never, ever, EVER get physical over anything. But I guess that is what sets modern, intelligent men apart from cavemen.

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  • i'd call that scarily violent, actually. if he were with you & reacting at the time, that's one thing, but to take the effort to drive over and beat up on some guy is something else - overprotective and then some.

  • Thats not protective, its stupid and its going to land him in jail. It means he's insecure and has an inferiority complex, and that he truly is something worthless and less than human. He deserves no respect from me. And you know what? All of that applies to the girl who is willing to put up with him too. They're perfect for each other, two worthless pieces of sh*t who are hopefully going to end up in a lot of trouble someday.

  • This isn't being protective; this is being an idiot.

    I see two endings to this story. Firstly, guys who yell out "nice ass" are with their friends because this is a group behaviour. Your boyfriend would receive a multiple ass kicking if he attempted his protective behaviour. Or, secondly, he would be charged with assault.

    Beating someone up over some verbal slur is nonsense.

    • I don't get along with you and I don't really like you. but lately I've found myself agreeing with some of your answers more and more, including this one. what is the world coming to? =(

  • Beating someone up over a remark is a little psycho.