Why are German men not attracted to Arab women?

I'm really attracted to German men, but I can't see the same from the other side, I'm pretty, I have good shape, and friendly but I still find it hard get the attention of those guys! but WHYY ?


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  • They like German girls more? Many people think that Arab girls don't date western men that could be it too.


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  • You will generaly not have any problems getting a european guy as long as you aren't muslim.

  • Because there's plenty of Turks in Germany - which you visually can't distinguish from Arabs, and they because a lot of trouble there.

    Even their teenagers yell on the streets things like "F*** Germans" and "F*** Germany" they don't work or study, they don't bother to learn the language and basically they take the same role there as chavs in England, Russians in many Eastern Europe states, Hispanics in Florida and so on - you know what I mean.

    So "Why should they like them?" is the question.

    No doubt many Germans were being guilt-trapped after the fall of Nazism, as then they took super anti-racism approach and allowed Turks to enter their country en-masse.

    But still what reaction can you expect from a guest, who not only seems to look much different and that thing alone can trigger possible animosity, but also that the guest doesn't pay any respect to the new country and its denizens?

    • well my friend...first you should learn about the difference between arabs and turks, completely different people, 2 I'm not turkish, 3 even if I am turkish, those few losers that you met in your life, can't give you the image of the entire country, I'm living here, and I really like turkish people, try to learn how to give love and good energy to people without limits (country, religion, culture, color...and all this ball sh*t) it's really old style, and bad one.


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    • Yea so why not just call her arab? Last time I checked arab was a culture

    • Sorry that was not meant for yall

  • They think you're off the market

  • A lot of them are racist, especially if you are actually there in Germany, not so much german-Americans. There are many different type of Arabs, which one are you? My friend's ex was german but she is Americanized, he was Arab. Can't always generalize. I actually don't mind arab girls. My current girlfriend is half-arab. I am willing to stand their neurotic behavior for their beautiful faces

    • i'm actually not living in Germany "thanks god", but I've been hanging out with my friends in a bar where there is too much Germans, but the thing is: there was this guy he (I think) he likes me he danced with me, we even kissed, but then he just disappear without saying anything, I don't understand anything !

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    • *last. she didn't ask if you liked them.

    • Why do you sound so damn ignorant and why are you talking about someone you don't know or have any clue about. It's none of your business what I answered. get off of my answer

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  • by good shape do you mean curvy? because the beauty ideal in germany is more like thin...

    and no offense, but german girls are quite pretty themmselves...

  • Because you are NOT German. It's not that you're Arab--it's because you are not German. My aunt married a German man, and he only married her because we have a German heritage, if she had just been American he told her, she wouldn't have been right for him. The German native population is really decreasing rapidly and being replaced by arab and indian descendants & the native population feels very threatened and is trying to keep their culture and bloodline alive.

    • Not true. I'm German and while most people I know have German spouses (which makes senses considering that's the same for many people who rarely get out of their country), I do know several people, especially those who studied abroad, who have spouses from other countries, even far away ones like Japan.

      If anything, your comment is simply biased. Show me proof there are more Germans that marry inside their own heritage than, say, French.

    • I'm not saying EVERYONE is like that, by no means do I mean to say that and the fact that you said that just proves what I said--the German native population is shrinking. In reference to the question being asked, the man probably doesn't like her because she is not German, not because she is arab. I wasn't saying anything about the french, nor was I applying anything to every single person nor did I say anything to that affect. That is simply your interpretation of what I have said, not the facts.

  • As a German, I feel a bit offended everyone here is juding based on just ONE encounter you had,

    So this one German girl blew you off. Chances are, he might have done that with me or any other German girl, too. Maybe he wasn't into anything more that night, or maybe that particular guy is a jerk. I'm not saying there aren't any jerks in Germany, there are as many as in every other country.

    It is also, unfortunately, true, that the number of neonazis has been growing again and different ethnic groups aren't getting along very well. There are Germans who hate foreigners, there are foreigners who hate Germany (and come to live here nonetheless), but there are also many people who don't care where you're from.

    And I hope you won't feel offended by what I'll say now, but you generalizing Germans isn't any better than Germans generalizing foreigners.

    • Oops, I meant this one German GUY.

  • Most of brazillian women I know (some of them black) are married to german men. How can they be racist? But I keep thinking "Is that a fetish?"

  • Most german men like black women. Preferably carribean. I heard it was a fantasy. Answerers if your not german then you have no right to speak. I dated a german guy who personally told me he only dates black women. And ignore these racist trolls who answer your questions telling you that they don't like arab women. They have no life. I am african American mixed.i thought that most men found arab girls pretty and exotic. I'm straight but I think they are pretty. men do find arab girls pretty. Since you are attractive you should have no problem picking up any guy and I wish you luck.

    • Maybe you shouldn't be so high-and-mighty either considering you're basing this off ONE German guy you know?

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    • Obviously you didn't read my whole answer. I never just said that german men like just black girls. Do you understand my answer. Do I have to write it in german for you to understand?

    • I'm sorry, I must have understood "Most german men like black women" as something it didn't mean.

  • I don't know but I'm arab and a german guy was interested in me! he was a gentel man and a nice person,he wasn't raciest at all,he was the kind of nice senstive guy,im surprised about what people said,I mean not all of them like that? I mean at least he wasn't like that at all.

    And your problem is that you are easy.

  • Umm Germans are well known to be racist. Lol

    of course not all but a good portion are

    • I know several Germans, and I disagree with that statement entirely.

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    • that can only come from an American lol

      and no, I'm not german.

      germany right now isn't any more racist than other European countries.

      of course if you only think about neo-nazis as germans then yes they are. but its such a tiny part of the country

    • A) wrong

      B) thanks for the input. Now we can add Americans to their list