Do girls like 'innocent' guys?

people always call me 'cute' or 'innocent'. so far from my experience all I am to most girls is a friend. are there any girls out there that find guys who are 'innocent' as attractive?

im a true christian, so naturally that leads me to be less deviant and I guess 'innocent'

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    well I find it very attractive. bad boys might be fun at first but innocent guys have there's ups too. girls only like guys that are not so innocent or bad becasue its exciting its dangerous its a thrill.

    • thanks :)

    • than yes its attractive. you don't play the a**hole role. which guys think that being an a**hole will get a girl. lots of times yes but it doesn't keep them. I think someone like you would be able to keep a long relationship going better

    • not really sure, I just hear it every now and then, don't really know what they mean when they cal me 'innocent'. probably because I don't cuss, kinda quiet, don't make fun of people all that much, and stay outta trouble. that doesn't mean I don't joke around though or that I'm boring tho, people also think I'm funny, easy to get along with and fun to talk to.

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  • I get the same thing! but I'm a girl haha, I'd much rather have an innocent and cute guys than a duche bag that has slept around. You're just keeping things fresh :D

    • Thanks :)

  • Speaking for myself, I get the whole "cute" and "innocent" thing a lot so I tend to go for the alpha males who are pretty assertive and more dominant in the relationship, since I find it just evens things out nicely. But, a lot of my friends really swoon over "innocent"/"cute" type of guys so I don't think you have anything to worry about :)

    • Oh no, they'd definitely remember him and be willing to go out with him I think. Just because that type of guy isn't MY type, doesn't exclude that type of guy from being other girls' type. So yeah, they would go for him no problem. Try not to worry too much about it, a lot of girls find that type of personality rather endearing.

    • would your friends actually date an innocent/cute guy or are they those kinda guys that your friends would just look at and say 'aw' and then completely forget about them?

  • they are so adorable!:)

    • adorable?..doesn't sound attractive to me, sounds like what girls says about a little kid or puppy walking down the street..

  • I like innocent guys because I am innocent girl. I think innocent guys are more attractive!

  • nah, guys that are too innocent tend to be way too predictable, boring, pushovers for my taste

  • I do! It's so sweet c: and if you turn out to be an animal in the sack that's a plus !

    • what I meant was that it would be a pleasant surprise ha ha c:

  • I'm sure there are girls, but I'm not one of them. I'm very sexual and I want to be with someone who has experience.

    • didnt know being innocent had to do with sex but okay, not into dating people for sex anyways..

  • No.

  • "Innocent" is like a mini van. OK if you wanna have kids, but nobody REALLY wants it. Act "tough" and you will get women.

    • ok thank for your help. I don't agree with it but I appreciate it. only because I know girls that do like innocent guys like me, they're just hard to find amongst all the sarcastic sluts in the world. I know there are girls out there that like guys like me, just wanted to see how many girls on here feel that way.

    • Of course its not, but its the only way. That is provided you actually want women in the first place, and you don't feel like actually becoming that which is required of you (tough guy). The world is not fair bro, sorry.

    • i don't thnk 'acting' is good for relationships either..

  • For the most part, no. 'cute' is highly feminine, something a woman is unlikely to find attractive.

  • No...