Why was my boyfriend crying when he broke up with me?

My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me .. I couldn't believe it .. He said he still loved me but not as much as when we 1st met .. and that he didn't want to stay with me and in 2 years love me less again! But the while time he was in bits crying and squeezing my hand .. I gave him a hug and he broke down more and asked for 1 last kiss .. I was so upset and when I got out of the car he kept holding my hand - I had2 pull away .. I'm so confused .. Like he was breaking up with me? Why was he acting this way? .. and what's weirder is he is not an emotional person in the 3 years I have known him I don't think iv ever seen him cry .. What does this mean?


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  • He probably hated hurting you and it was probably hard for him. After 2 years you are probably one of his best friends and when you end a relationship like that it can really change everything. Sounds like he saw how he was hurting his best friend and felt awful about it and also was dealing with his own feelings. It sounds like he cares about you and had strong enough feelings to finally call the relationship to an end, but when he was in the situation wasn't sure if he wanted to go through with it.

    I wouldn't read into it. Just be satisfied that he had an emotional reaction and worry about yourself.


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  • It sounds like he truly loved you and was really confused at what he was doing and what he really wanted.

    I've cried maybe 2 times (deaths in family) since I was a little kid and I cried when my girlfriend broke up with me. I truly loved her and couldn't comprehend what was going on or take the pain of losing someone you gave everything to.

  • Another case of 'lost puppy' young men with bottled up emotional problems that lead to

    confusion. He may be going through many new emotions, meaning finally maturing, or realizing he had different needs. He is confused and has given you the opportunity to move on. Take it!

  • cause a twp year relationship entails strooong feelings. breakups are harder no matter whose doing it, man.

  • I think he is a child and he doesn't know what he wants yet. there is nothing called "I loved you then but now less that before", ones like that are bastards and jerks


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  • Its hard to let people go, especially after a long time being together. My ex cried after dumping me for someone else once he realized he was actually going to lose me.

  • It was hard for him to let you go?

  • 2 years is a long time for a relationship, and with in those two years I'm sure you two have grown together and have gotten use to being around each other. I'm sure he was hurt as well, as "money" said, he's probably sad to see himself hurt someone he cares about. I had a boyfriend recently break up with me, and I abruptly cut off contact because I was so upset, and so surprised. He didn't have any emotion at all from the breakup, or at least I didn't see it. After a week he called me and told me he's sorry, then I asked him why he reacted so cold, turns out he was trying to hold in his emotions. All guys express themselves differently. I would say the best things is, if this continues to bother you and you feel like you need closure to know why he acted like this, Id recommend you asking him. But have in mind WHAT you want to ask, and what you need to know to have that closure. I know break ups are hard, if you need anymore help feel free to contact me!