Do drunk men say the truth?

A guy that I'm close to was drunk and told me that he likes me and wants to be with me etc .

Is he being honest, taking into account he was drunk ?

I later spoke to that guy, when he was sober, and I asked him about what he had said. He said he couldn't recall saying it and changed the subject. Does that mean that he didn't mean it?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well there's a saying that goes "a drunken mind, speaks a sober soul" . And also "the truth comes out when they're drunk" . But has he ever tried hitting on you before ? . Or has he gave you any kind of hints that he may be into you ? . I don't really know, but what I do know FOR SURE is that guys get really "EASY" when intoxicated and will say anything . Especially to get into a girls pants . So just make sure his head was in the right so you don't end up looking stupid . Just ask him if he remember saying that and see if he still feels that way while he's not drunk .