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Do drunk men say the truth?

A guy that I'm close to was drunk and told me that he likes me and wants to be with me etc . Is he being honest, taking into account he was drunk ?

I later spoke to that guy, when he was sober, and I asked him about what he had said. He said he couldn't recall saying it and changed the subject. Does that mean that he didn't mean it?

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  • Well there's a saying that goes "a drunken mind, speaks a sober soul" . And also "the truth comes out when they're drunk" . But has he ever tried hitting on you before ? . Or has he gave you any kind of hints that he may be into you ? . I don't really know, but what I do know FOR SURE is that guys get really "EASY" when intoxicated and will say anything . Especially to get into a girls pants . So just make sure his head was in the right so you don't end up looking stupid . Just ask him if he remember saying that and see if he still feels that way while he's not drunk . GOOD LUCK !

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  • No no no, I can lie like no other and so can any person while intoxicated . Is this always true no, but don't believe for a second that alcohol is a truth medicine or window into his true soul . I've confessed my dying love to one of my girlfriends while drunk, don't believe it unless you hear it sober .

  • I know I'm saying this after a year, butt its the truth, I've done it. Being drunk just gives you the courage to say how you really feel. As for changing the subject , he avoided it because he was afraid of what you would say to him. He liked/likes you for shure

  • Well yeah again he was drunk, when people are drunk they never meant to do what they did, otherwise using sodium penthanol, do not take it take it to heart, but maybe the question is you like this guy as well?

  • Well sometimes its not that they are drunk its that they feel a little braver when they have alcohol lol or sometimes they are too drunk and they do stuff without thinking that they have wanted to do but don't have the guts so they act only on their subconscious

  • There's a good chance he was telling the truth since alcohol lowers inhibitions. The alcohol may have just allowed him to let his guard down enough to confess to you some of his true feelings. If he had been pawing at you and basically acting like an ass, then it may have been a different story. But it sounds like you may have caught him at a relaxed and possibly sincere moment.

  • if he say is it drunk he can aditmit to it sober ? its as easy as that . I've been so copleetly wasted that id say that id like a chick just to see there reaction sounds dumb but just little amusment with frends. and if he was all up tuching you whene he told you he just wanted to have sext if he sat you down and sucluded you from the other people around you and would sitck up for you more than usaul that night he loves you fer shuree and is to scared in a sober mide that you wouldn't care .

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  • Sometimes being drunk creates feelings that we wouldn't get when we're sober. Like when people accidentally hook up and regret it when they're sober. On the other hand, alcohol causes us to lose our inhibitions and speak what's on our minds. Maybe he did mean it but didn't want to tell you and was embarrassed when you asked him about him, which would explain why he changed the subject.

  • Yea he meant it. Well I can't really say it it depends on how fast he changed the subject.

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  • Sounds to me like he didn't mean it, your update taken into account. Depends on where and when you asked him, maybe. If it was in private, then that would have been a good time to fess up. He could have been stressed if there were people around or if you asked him like it was a bad thing, but other than that, I can see no reason not to tell you he likes you if he does.

  • This happen to me last night. my ex boyfriend was drunk. first he said he was not good for me, and he knows that i love him, then after he said he loved me very much and said he been to the club two times, and wanted to know if i had a new boyfriend after i swore there been no one else since we broke up, he was kissing me so much saying he missed me and loved me, then the next day he sent me a message telling me never to call him and he does not remember any thing he said or did, and said he did not want a girlfriend as he has no time for one because he has problems, and i was left sad and feeling like a fool. thinking how can all that he said to me was a lie and he can not remember, any off when he said to me

  • The exact same thing happened to me!

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