Girl tells me she doesn't want relationship right now, but we are sleeping together and kissing?

I have been seeing this girl for about two months. We pretty much took off on fire, a lot of sex, going out often, really enjoying each others company. she went to her home country recently and came back a little different. She told me that 6 months before she met me, she broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years and had trouble with him when she went home (abuse, bad phone calls at night etc). Before she went home she was adamant we were together (bf/gf) but now she says she "cant" be in a "relationship" now and said she told herself she couldn't be in one after she broke up with her boyfriend. The thing is...We are still going out together, having fun, kissing, and having sex. On the face of it it seems like nothing has changed. Except for the fact that she is still adamant she "cant" be in a relationship. That she needs time to get herself together (that sometimes she hates men, WTF?) She says she does not want to be with any other man but me. She is from a different country and maybe I am not understanding what she means by "relationship". Maybe she means not a serious relationship? When we talk about it we can never come to a conclusion because if she does not want a relationship why have sex , kiss, share intimate things with me and ask that I do not see other girls? She said that we moved too fast before... but we are now going at the same pace as before and she still says the same thing? Any insight you could give into this females mind would be great


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  • She's using you to get off, and has no intentions of dating you. It sucks balls, but this has happened to me a hell of a lot of times with guys. You're sadly easy, and she's taking advantage of it, she wants the sex and all the things of a relationship, without the commitment, so if someone better comes along she can leave you.