Should a girl ever tell a guy she loves him first?

Should I tell this guy that I am falling in love with him (and I know I am), or should I wait for him to say something first?

Should I ask him how he feels?

We have been together for 3 weeks now.

I have been hinting at it...

Should I give him some space/time, or ask him up front? Would he tell me if he did love me, or keep it to himself?

  • Vote A Wait for him to say something first.
  • Vote B If you feel it, say it!
  • Vote C Ask him how he feels.
  • Vote D Never talk about it!
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I told him.

He told me like... 3 days later. :)

All is good.


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  • I'd be careful with the word "love" ;-)

    Love is something to be interpret really differently throughout different people. To me love indicates a feeling that I wouldn't want to go away EVER. To love a person means to be willing to spent the rest of your lifetime with that one person.

    And in my opinion this feeling is simply non-existent after only three weeks of dating or knowing each other ;)

    But to give a direct answer to your question, there is no problem in you telling him that you like him and want to spent more time with him to be able to get to know him even better, even closer!

    Really, my only advise would be to be careful around the word of "love" :>

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      LOVE: A feeling or disposition of deep affection or fondness for someone, typically arising from a recognition of attractive qualities, from natural affinity, or from sympathy and manifesting itself in concern for the other's welfare and pleasure in his or her presence; great liking, strong emotional attachment; (similarly) a feeling or disposition of benevolent attachment experienced towards a group or category of people.

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      I really don't care what a dictionary tells me to the word of love.

      People interpret it the way they want and that's why I would be careful using it.

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      Yeah I know what you mean. I actually think most people don't go by the dicitonary definition, which sucks and doesn't make sense... but whatcha gonna do? :P