Sexual tension between me and my boyfriend's dad?

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 3 years and I met his dad 1yr into our relationship. His dad has an outgoing personality and is... Show More

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  • I like this question too, the moment I saw it in a list, I just had to click on it. Yeah he's giving signals. I stare at girls butt, legs, and breasts too when I'm interested call it what you will but it's not perverted. Hold on, his fly undone? I haven't seen this one, this guy must be horny as hell for you, he might as well hold up a sign. And putting his shirt on, ha, you can't tell me you were attracted to that, wasn't he a little fat and flabby? I don't know if he's wanting to get with you, that might be a little weird but you're definitely eye candy for him

    • No his really fit- body wise- his in good shape. The thing is, I feel this tension between us, but because of the situation being my b/fs dad and what not, its all hush hush and nothings been done about it. I am definately attracted to him but it feels so wrong and I guess I wanted you guys to tell me that its all in my head so I can get over it! Lol and yeh he came out cos he was getting ready and his fly was undone, so he done it up in front of me thus drawing my attention to his youknowwhat.

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    • Suave-Man I almost choked after reading that hilarious description. Damn that was FUNNY!

    • His fly was undone lol wtf..... Don't get yourself mixed-up in a father and son triangle! Maybe it could help to speak to you're Boyfriend about it? But I wouldn't say oh by the way I'm attracted to him too... I would say something on the lines of I feel awkward around him?