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Boyfriend forgot my birthday ... What now?

So, the title pretty much said it all. Today is my birthday and my boyfriend of a year and a half forgot. We were talking last night but stopped at... Show More

OHH ... and I'm a really sensitive person and, combined with how deep my feelings are for him, I'm just really taking this hard and I don't know how to handle it ... any advice would be great thx =]

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  • Happy Birthday bye the way. but I don't think that this should be something to break over about. I know what you mean when it comes to be sensitive to things like this...sensitive about things period I understand. but the way you talk about him, it really sounds like you love him. or at least care for him deeply. so why would you let something that he made a mistake over ruin what you have. let me tell you something. he's a guy, and men can't read minds, just like we can't read theres. and he sounds like he had a lot on his mind. and if he's trying to get ahold of you, you should know he really does feel bad about what he did. if he didn't he wouldn't be making the effort. and I bet you that he won't forget your birthday again. men might not learn from all there mistakes, but things like this, if he doesn't want to see you upset over this again, he will put a post-it note on his forehead to remember. well good luck. :)

What Guys Said 2

  • 1. In love, you don't become a burden to the people you love, your intention is to give.

    2. In life, YOUR happiness is YOUR responsibility. A mature person takes up this responsibility well.

    3. Birthday is about existence. You don't need another human being(s) to confirm, help you justify, or tell you how much they appreciate, your existence. If you do, then the question you need to ask yourself is, "Why do I need someone to confirm/justify/appreciate my existence?"

  • there's no reason to break up just because he didn't say happy birthday.

    he made a mistake..he didn't realize how much it meant to you and you said it yourself he was busy...don't let a good relationship go to waste because of one little thing

What Girls Said 4

  • forgive him. his mind was over loaded with stress about the assignment and it obviously slipped his mind. I know I can forget my own name when I'm stressing over an assignment.

  • daaamn, what!? it's a pretty big mess up but I'm not sure if it's something to break up with him over. if he genuinely just forgot, ok. talk to him about it (: he can't read your mind.

  • Yeah, he screwed up, and believe me, I'd feel bad too. BUT... If he apologized (sincerely) and this isn't part of some large pattern of cruelty/neglect, then you need to forgive him. Honestly. Could you really throw away an entire (presumably) loving relationship on the basis of one human (if unfortunate) mistake? That's insanity! (Besides, you didn't actually even give him the rest of the day to see if he would have eventually remembered. You jumped the gun.)

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