What does it mean to have 'feelings' for someone?

I had sex with an older woman (49yr old - a sexy woman at that!) and later on she said she 'had feelings for me'.

What exactly does she mean by that term?



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  • It means two things:

    1. She likes you

    2. She's trying to also show you how mature she is (which she's motivated to try and show you, to try and get you to start to like her too)

    Most younger-guy older-woman relationships usually start off with the guy looking to find love, and the woman only looking for a fun sex partner who has more endurance that her husband or men her age.

    I don't want to rush to conclusions, but just from the language you're using to describe her and the whole experience, it seems like this is the opposite situation. She is definitely OPEN to MORE than JUST sex ONLY. It doesn't mean she's ACTIVELY LOOKING or TRYING TO FORCE YOU OR PUSH YOU into it. But it DOES mean that she's trying to communicate to you, that:

    "the sexual chemistry between us is great. I like your body, your sexuality, and the person you are. It's not like I set up boundaries with sex between us, and sort of implied, that "UNLESS you get into a relationship with me, then we're not going to have sex." I didn't do that. So you know I'm not manipulative, or selfish. I'm showing you that a relationship with ME, isn't going to be a relationship that's all about ME and what "I" want. I'm showing you that I'm emotionally mature, and a rational woman that has control over her emotions, as opposed to having her emotions have control over her."

    "But I'm 49. I've had plenty of experience in trying to force or make a relationship happen. It's stupid, because if it's not what the other person really wants, then no degree of emotional or sexual blackmail is going to change that. So my proposition to you is.. That I really do enjoy the sex we have together. And, I also enjoy the time we spend together. I'm just letting you know that, I'm not one of those women who JUST want sex and nothing more. I'm doing this so you can feel safe. So you don't feel that if you want something more and you tell me, that I'm going to look down on you, feel less attracted & interested in you, and find an excuse to end things and leave."

    "I'm simply "open" the more things. I'm not just looking for an only-emotional, only-financial, only-sexual relationship with you. I like you enough, that I want the whole package. But only if that's what you want too. If it's not, it's cool. Just tell me! Tell me, so I don't get more hurt as time goes on. I've showed you how mature I am, believe me, I can handle it now. In fact, I can handle it much better now, than much later on. So please just let me know how you feel, or even if you're not sure how you feel. I'm not playing with you. I'm being honest with me. It's not much to ask that you give me that same level of respect."

    "But if you also like me, tell me. I won't think any less of you for it. And it's not like after telling me we'll jump strait to the alter; or even there at all. I'm looking for complete companionship more than anything else, and I like you enough to want that with you. If you're open to that, please let me know."

    It means that

    • This is a woman that's being nothing but mature & completely honest with you.

      You'd be a really big jerk, and be giving a really bad reputation to men if you do anything but give her the same level of respect she's shown you.

    • Awesome as usual

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  • It probably means that she doesn't want to base your relationship on sex, and have some kind of emotional connection in it as well. She might want to get serious with you, and get into a relationship, start dating...you know, that kind of thing.

  • yeah means she wants a relationship aka more than just sex with you.

  • it means she wants the two of you to date, and not for it to have been no strings attached sex.

  • it means that she probably just expected to have a one night stand with you with no feelings attached to it but you must have been really good in bed and sweet to her because she's beginning to like you as she can see you two in a relationship. WoW 49 just be careful with your heart because you are young.

  • it means she wants to date you and possibly be in a relationship with you

  • Don;t read into it...take it for face value. She's into you.

  • She likes you

  • 49?!

    How old are you?

  • SHE LIKES YOU! DUH! But she is way a lot older than you, 49! and your (18-24) that's a bit too much..Sorry but stick to women your own age! 5 years maximum!

  • It means she likes you.

    Bu honestly, this women is way too old for you, do not even go there with her.

  • this means that she likes you more than a friend

  • she wants to be a cougar. and you're young and you did her. she's just in it for the ego boost bud

  • shes getting attached to you

    the sex is probably making her like you

    soon she might even fall in love with you

  • She doesn't wantvto be just fxxk buddies anymore.

  • how old are you ? feelings as in she doesn't want to just be friends, she wants a relationship

  • WELL, haven't you ever had feelings for someone? it probably means she feels connected to you somehow I mean she feels empathy, compassion, a bond, emotional understanding, sexual tension, it CIOULD be negative feelings like frustration, anger, annoyance, guilt, but I do not think that would fit this scenario.

    When you find out what it MEANS... to NEVER LOOSE FEELINGS FOR SOMEONE...

    TO HAVE NEVER LOST FEELINGS FOR SOMEONE. ( Inquiring Mind Wants to Know :-)


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  • What the hell do you think she means? Second dumb ass question I've answered tonight.

  • yeah boy bagged yourself a cougar hahaha but is she married? my boy did the same thing and the woman had "feelings" for him and he stopped it because she wanted a relationship and I don't know if you want one with a 49 year old unless you really want too but that's all up to u