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Would a guy ever say I love you if he did not mean it?

Would a guy ever say I love you if he did not mean it?

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  • Unfortunately yea, in today’s world I love you has truly lost its impact, love is a state of emotional levels that infers you know a large part about someone , you have seen their heart and fell for it, sometimes people claim they are in love in two weeks, so little a time can never allow for o e to get to know the secrets of a woman’s hearts, sometimes I love you is a phrase used for sex, sad but true it provides the intimacy and trust a girl wants before she gives out. Also sometimes they claim I love you but don’t know you really, they don’t know your favorite color, or the color of your eyes or even your birthday, if they don’t know such small details how can they hold onto the values of your heart. So know they don’t always mean it, but those that do, wait are patient and think not of their feelings but yours, they try to be selfless and not selfish. I know it’s hard to find one but they exist your talking to one, I'm currently waiting for a girl, being her friend as not to jeopardize that.

What Guys Said 8

  • Ya, most definitely...He knows it's a weakness of any girl...

    • Although this doesn't mean that all don't mean it, some truly do. Some will lie some won't like with anything. Just depends on the person.

  • Sucks as it does. . . Yes.

    But it is not simple as it sounds. Sometimes guys just don't want to hurt significant ones feelings. . . That's all.

    • What if he says it after he kisses you and then get kinda upset after he says it

  • Wow that's an open-ended question. There are so many possible reasons why someone might:

    1. Your girl has just said she loves you. You don't know what your feelings are yet, but you don't want to hurt her.

    2. You're a player trying to get into her pants.

    3. You're drunk and you love everybody right now. When you're sober, you won't mean it.

    4. You did once love her, but now you're just saying it out of habit or denial as the relationship is dying.

    That's just off the top of my head, and #2 is probably the closest to a gender specific example. Women will do all the others too, you know.

  • Yes...sex is a perfect example.

  • Yes. If he is drunk, or just joking around.

  • i think that a guy would never say so as he also is a human and he too has feelings for whom he love

  • You may think I'm lying, but no I would not say that. it might slip out if I'm drunk, but if I'm clean, there's no way I would say it without meaning it.

What Girls Said 10

  • Yes. A man who lies about it does it to get his way and to get sex. Make his actions speak louder than his words. If he says I love you but beats on you, disregards you, is mentally abusive or cheats he is just saying it. Love is shown by actions, not the words alone.

  • probably not. Some guys would, but I don't think a lot of guys would. In my experience, when a guy says it, he not only thinks he means it, but he's waited a while to formulate it into words. My ex boyfriend loved me but never said it until we broke up, because he didn't want to get too serious.

  • I believe some guys would say that and maybe some girls, too..sometimes just to make you feel better about yourself--or he maybe thinks he knows what love is- sometimes he wants to be at the point where he could really mean it...

  • the guy I was going out with said 'i love you' a few times to me. and he did it in a really sweet way, but I told him that I didn't believe him because I was treated badly in the past. and he even said it after that a few times, and said, I know you don't believe me but I mean it.

    when he first said it to me we were only together for like 2 months.

    i realllly have a lot of feelings for him now, but he has to end it with me because he doesnt want a relationship.

  • Yes guys do it all the time hun especially if you say it first, guys just say it thinking it is what you want to hear instead of just telling you the striaght up truth, but that is not all guys~!

  • yea guys say it all the time and not mean it. That word is used so loosely nowadays that its hard to tell if someone really means it or just saying it because it sounds good or to get what they want from you. That's why you should look at there actions more than what they say.

  • yeah he definately would.most men are immature like that

  • yes he definitely would

  • yepppp. A couple of guys have done that to me after knowing one of them for like 2 weeks and the other one a couple months. The one that I knew for 2 weeks said it because he thought that I would let him get in my pants and the other said it for almost the same reason. Guys think that by saying I love you it will make us fall in love with them or something and let them have their way with us. Don't listen to a guy when they say they love you unless you have known them for more than 8 months.

  • yes !,

    if only wanted to take you home !

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