He says he loves me - then why does he hurt me?

I really love my boyfriend.we been together for 9 months in a long distance relation before which we were friends for 4 years (best friends). He knew everything about my dating and my previous relationship. And now he uses all the mistakes I did with my ex to put me down in our relation. I try my best to not let my past come up between us but he just keeps doing it again and again. He says I'm manipulative ! I don't know what to say most of the times I keep quite when he screams at me and calls me horrible names ! I love him. He takes my silence as guilt and if I answer him back he calls me a manipulative selfish chic who doesn't care about his frustrations. I'm just so helpless ! I love him but at times I feel like going away from him,because he just makes me feel guilty for things I don't do intentionally and manages to convince me that I did something purposely when I don't even think of it.

He doesn't let me share my problems with him and when I ask him to share his he says I'm incapable. Why is he even being with me?

Is it possible to treat someone you love this way? I mean it's OK if he didn't care I love him and I was in pain but doesn't he remember he loves me how can he see me crying and begging him to stop and still think I'm a bitch.