How can I get my Boyfriend to come on my stomach?

ok look my boyfriend and I have sex very often but as soon as he starts to come he gets up and turns away from me which gives me an awkward feeling. how can I make him more comfortable and ask him to come on my stomach because well that turns me on!


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  • You need to tell him before or while is going on.

    I once had this crazy catholic girlfriend that for whatever reason ( I think she was traumatized by the church), didn't like to kiss when having sex. Craziest thing ever, but because of her, for my next gf, when we had sex, I would not kiss her while having sex, because I got used to the last gf; finally this girlfriend was like, "why don't you ever kiss me when having sex", and honestly, I didn't even think about it.i was on automatic, and thank god this girl snapped me out of it. But if she hadn't told me, I wouldn't have thought about changing my behaviors.

    So my advice to you is to tell this guy, 'hey, I want to try what does it feel to have you come on my belly." Simple as that cause what if maybe this guy got messed up by another crazy girl out there? :) Once he tries it, then say, oh, I really loved how that felt, can you do it again? is really that easy.

    • Thanx so much for the response... I will try this hopefully it works wish me luck..... thanx


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  • well while ur having sex would probably be the best time to tell him because he will b horny and will be open to what you want to do.

    • But he gets all shy and kinda runs away... like he will literally get up and go to another room??

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    • Well he is old enough to know he will not get me pregnant if I see lol but no thank you so much I will have to try this very soon..... hopefully it works because I don't like that awkwardness

    • Lol thanx

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  • In the middle of sex or right before he is about to come tell him, "I want you to come on my stomach"

    • Thanx

    • That or you can start a conversation about sex and find out what he likes and doesn't like...when he's done tell him what you like and don't like....include that you would love it if he came on your stomach.

    • Will try... thanx:)

  • just ask him what's up because he might feel insecure because he doesn't know if you'll like it or not. he just doesn't want to make a mistake. tell him how you feel and he'll probably feel more comfortable.

  • during sex, Whisper in his ear "nut on my stomach". I'm sure that will work ;)

    • Thanx:) willl try some of these ideas have to work

  • Be honest with him. Tell him that it would turn you on if he would come on you. It would def make him more comfortable to know he was turning you on would make him happy.

    • Hopefully this works... thanx a bunch