My boyfriend thinks I'm too skinny?

I keep an eye on what I eat but am not fanatical about it and I try to hit the gym at least 3 days a week or go for a run. I like the long lean look and try to take care of myself. I don't diet, I just have a healthy lifestyle. I'm 5'6" about 120 lbs. but toned and have muscle definition in my legs and stomach.

Anyway, when my Boyfriend and I started an exclusive relationship I went on birth control and put on a few pounds much to my dismay but didn't worry too much about it and I never mentioned it to him. Well, I had been measured for a bridesmaid dress months before and when it finally came in it fit great then about a month before the wedding I tried it on again to see what tailoring needed to be done and I could barely get into it! It looked great on but because it was corsetted it HURT to breathe and was so uncomfortable. The seamstress said she couldn't let it out.

So of course when I spoke with my Boyfriend I vented and told him I'm going to have to lose weight. He flipped out and flat out said no way! I couldn't believe it... He told me he thinks I'm too skinny already and he doesn't like it. We've been together for months and he's never said a word about it before. I thought he liked my body. It made me feel awful!

I told him I didn't have a choice, I HAVE to wear the dress. I lost the weight and got into the dress but the whole time he would complain about it and would always ask me what I ate or how long I ran. Now the wedding is over and I've kept the weight off just by sticking with my normal routine & he still gets on my case asking me what I've eaten during the day. I'm not thin enough for him to be worrying about anorexia or some such thing & I EAT & I'm healthy as a horse!

I just can't help but wonder if he doesn't like my body. It sucks, I like it the way it is =/ If he likes curvy women why on earth would he have pursued me in the first place? I'll never be that girl.

Is this coming from concern on his part or is he attracted to a different body type? How should I address this?
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Thx but it doesn't matter, I've asked for a break. I'm starting to think him nit picking about my bod was just an excuse to fight & I'll be damned if I'm going to sit around feeling like an ugly duckling because he can't say what he needs to say. Lame...
My boyfriend thinks I'm too skinny?
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