Why does someone apologize after 2 years?

My ex apologized me 2 years later .. why is this?

He basically screwed me over so bad .. he broke up with because he liked my best friend.

He messaged me over the summer saying that he is sorry and it was messed up and dissent about the situation and he had no right to treat me like that and his apology doesn't excuse him for his actions.

I asked him why he decided to apologize now and he replied because I have always felt bad and just now had the courage to do it.

Was he being sincere?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Better late than never sometimes. Coming from a guy, some guys don't like rejection and I can tell you that it took him two years to finally say sorry. I did the same too to a friend I walked out of because he pissed me off for the last time, but I decided to bury the hatchet two years later. He never forgave me, but I took the step just to show my maturity and introduce Christ into his life (yes, it was Christ that changed me). Yeah, its hard, my friend turned everything around and blamed me for everything. But apologizing is a huge step these days, especially nobody knows how to say it anymore. True that some people don't want to remember the past, but saying sorry means showing respect and that the person still thinks of what he did to you. It shows he is human and he is willing to apologize rather than running away forever and never saying sorry for hurting you. Like I said, sometimes better late than never. Its all a part of growing up. If it makes you feel good, I had a friend whom fought with me in high school and apologized to me 10 years later. Its never too late till you are 6ft underground. Always forgive even if it takes time.