Why is my girlfriend so lazy?

I've been dating my girlfriend for 3 and a half years now, we moved in together last February. She does not clean up after herself, she does not do her chores (which are split pretty fairly considering I also take care of any financial issues outside rent/utilities/groceries which we split.) and when she does do them, she does a half assed job.

It can take a week before she'll do the dishes, and when she does them she only does half of what's there and then says she doesn't have room to do more.

Today I came home to find 3 frying pans and a pizza tray on the oven, inside one of my frying pans (which she used 2 days ago) she had pushed in a sheet of crinkled up aluminum foil. This is a $120 no-stick finish frying pan that you absolutely do not use metal on at all. I asked her why she did it and she said "I was being lazy".

I have tried very clearly to establish my boundaries in respect of everyone pulling their load and doing a good job, but it isn't and hasn't happened since we moved in together. I have told her that if her attitude and behavior doesn't change, she is going to have to move out.

Talking to her about anything is an incredibly frustrating endeavor as she does not communicate. I am lucky if she says anything at all. When she has done something wrong, she will go hours without saying anything and when she gets around to apologizing her tone of voice and attitude that I should be the one apologizing to her.

I'm so tired of being with her and having to nag her to do basic things around the house. I'm tired of her ruining my sh*t. She's so clumsy and careless and lazy. She has no real motivation, and I honestly think if I weren't around she might sit in a pile of filth for months.

How do I get it across to her once and for all that if she doesn't grow up and start acting like an adult, I am leaving her ass? I love her but there are no real reasons for me to be with her at this point, I don't need to be someone's mother and I would probably end up saving money if she weren't around.
Why is my girlfriend so lazy?
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