My boyfriend is sometimes really rude to me

I have been going out with a great guy for two years - he's so honest, caring and affectionate, apart from sometimes when he is a bit too highly strung. Like recently, I was on my way to his family birthday meal out and he called me when I arrived at the train station to say the plan had changed... Show More

Thanks for all your advice, I really appreciate it. It's nice to know I'm not overreacting! I should have said that afterward, he said 'I'll walk you to the station' but I could see from his face that he didn't really want to so I said it was OK. I guess he still could have insisted though, that might have showed he cared.

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  • IMO, that is dispicable behavior. As a (small) business owner, I know all about stress, and that certainly can make things difficult, but abandoning you, twice, when you were going out of your way to make his day special, is just beyond the pale. Rude doesn't cover it.

    If the situation were reversed, I'd tell my girl that such behavior wasn't even close to acceptable, and that I would forgive it once, but never again. And I would MEAN IT. The next time it happened, we would be over. Permanently.

    Presumably this guy loves you, or claims to, but this isn't how you'd treat a casual aquaintence, much less someone you really love.

    I always tell people: words are great, but they only mean something if a person's ACTIONS back them up. He isn't backing up anything right now.

    • Thanks so much for commenting! I should have said when he hung up on me, it was after I said 'Could you be a bit calmer, I don't like the tone of your voice'. But it's because he sounded mad (probably with the staff but still). But he thinks it was awful of me to say that, but surely not as bad as hanging up etc when I'm out in the freezing cold?

    • It's one thing to be upset and even to argue. But abandoning you (and his obligation) for something less than a life-and-death emergency is NOT acceptable, period. His entire behavior is over the line, and not just a little bit.

      This wasn't a mistake, it was a spoiled, selfish little boy acting out.