How do I challenge a guy?

my boyfriend told his friend he wanted more of a challenge. how do I do that?


Most Helpful Guy

  • He means he wants his relationship to be more exciting. That means he wants you to be more exciting. He doesn't want his relationship to become boring.

    Some examples of a challenge can be but are not limited to:

    (1) Making funny smart ass remarks to him (that challenges him to come up with better ones)

    (2) Make him put forth effort to get a favor out of you (or romance out of you).

    (3) Don't simply ask him "what do you want?"

    (4) Don't tell him what you want, and don't tell him what you want to give him. Let him figure

    these things out on his own, but you do have to give him subtle hints.

    (5) The two of you can pretend to chase each other, and he has to try to seduce you all over

    again. And you have to resist.

    (6) Do give him what he wants, but don't give it to him freely. Make him exert effort. Such effort

    can be planning a date, doing something thoughtful, or something chivalrous.

    (7) Create friction in the relationship, but that doesn't mean become a drama queen or a

    raging bitch. Friction basically means don't be his personal servant, and don't obey his

    every command.

    (8) Teasing him works. But that can also fall into the category of making him chase you and

    seduce you again. When he successfully seduces you at the end of the day, he wins a

    prize! Use your creativity to come up with a unique prize for him.

    (9) When he talks to you, he wants to talk about interesting things that require the both of you

    to think. He doesn't want to talk about the weather, your favorite makeup, gossip, and who

    will win the next American Idol. He wants really involved and mentally challenging


    (10) He wants you to make him laugh.

    In a nutshell he wants you to have more character, and with more character comes more excitement and more challenges. He wants you to come up with creative things to do together. He wants to use his brain and think when he is in your company. He also wants you to be yourself. Do not try to conform to what you think other people say you should be. You should develop a unique personality of your own. He wants to hear unique ideas from you about anything. He doesn't want to hear BS that you heard from somebody else; he wants to know what you think. At the same time he wants you to think in general, and you may or may not be accustomed to doing that.