No label relationships. Have you ever had one? What is your opinion on them?

No label relationships are relationships that are romantic or sexual in nature, but it has no definition. Meaning you and the other person haven't defined it as monogamous, open, committed, etc. Even though there is something between the two of you. What is/was your experience with a no label... Show More

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  • You should both be in clear agreement of the monogamy aspect. I'm sure it can work if both people want the same thing and have the same ideas of right and wrong.

    I've been in a similar situation and it was terrible for me. I didn't want to sleep with other people and he wasn't sleeping with others either. The thing was that it was him that put the barriers up. Then inevitably came the thoughts of..."well what's wrong with me?", "why won't he call me his girlfriend?", "why does he make an effort to be cold and distant?". By that time I had invested my heart to a certain extent. I could have gotten out of it with some of my dignity, feeling rejected, inferior and heart broken. Instead like every idiot who feels rather than thinks I tried to make it work and it just hurt more and made me seem crazy. So I left with all of the above doubled minus the dignity.

    That was over a year of my life spent crying, beating myself up and waiting for any sign that he actually liked me rather than just thinking I was handy to have around. I was depressed the whole time and as soon as I walked away the depression lifted. I'm not proud of myself but I guess it was a lesson overdue.