Improvements after putting a relationship on hold?

Hey Guys,

I've been with my wonderful boyfriend for about 18 months thus far, we've always had such a wonderful time together. Last year we'd both just finished school, so we weren't doing anything other than talking to each other 24/7 pretty much.

This year, however, things are a little different. He's starting to want to work on his career and get somewhere in life, so he's not around as much as usual, which has kind of left me a little in the dust.

Couple of months back, he said he wanted to put our relationship on hold, to take a 'break', because I was being silly enough to complain about the lack of time we had together (I realize now that what I did was wrong, and I haven't done it since). Before we began this break, he said that no one can take him away from me ever when I questioned him on 'other' people. He said he just wants some space to be himself without labels.

So the first couple of months were really tough. He didn't even want me to as much as call him or anything, I was quite upset each day. We still spoke every day, however, for a few hours before he slept.

On the third month, which is now, I've noticed a lot of changes, improvements. I'll list them below:

- He's been wanting me to call him so much more often, sometimes twice a day. I'll get a text message like 'Call me when you can, lovely.'

- The phone calls we share go on for hours, sometimes 'till about 3 AM if I call him at 1 in the morning. During these phone calls, he treats me as his girlfriend, sometimes interrupting me mid sentence to tell me how lovely he thinks my voice is, or to randomly say 'I love you', or calls me a cute pet name, such as 'lovely' or 'beautiful'. Even the 'Muah' thing we do over the phone.

- The other day I signed in on MSN, and he signed in a second later, he always pm's me first, but he was happy to see me.

- Whenever I'm away for a couple of days, he'll tell me how he's missed me.

- If he's out for the night (I'm a terrible worrier) he'll call me the next morning if he didn't manage to contact me before he left and he'll be able to tell me everything that happened, even if some girl tried to flirt with him and got rejected. (he's not the kind of guy who returns such things thank goodness)

- I get lots more cuddles, and even got a kiss on the forehead a couple of weeks back.

- He makes time for me every evening, and we always say 'I love you' before he sleeps.

Sorry for the length of this, guys, but anyway. I feel these are incredible improvements, and some of my friends have suggested I move at his pace. I'm being treated as that special girlfriend, though I don't exactly have the label, but is it really that important if he's treating me right?

There are a lot of things I miss about our intimate relationship, but I'm thankful to see improvements, sometimes he really surprises me.


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  • you guys sound like you're on a very "insignificant" break? It seems to be a break but not really severe break.

    I mean, he seems loyal to you and you guys seem to really want to work it out.

    so I am sure if you continue to love one another you guys will go back to normal.

    Usually normal breaks means, give me space and don't talk to me, call me, or write to me until I figure out if we should be together anymore.

    Yeah, well good luck


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