My girlfriend deleted my Facebook post because it was too sweet??

Well basically before I went to work today it was my girlfriends birthday and I wrote on her wall something sweet. Then she deleted it?

We are long distance at the moment because of my school and I couldn't save up enough money to go back this Christmas :(.

Anyway, why would she want to delete my post?

This isn't the first time she ask me not to write on her wall... Last time she said her dad saw it and got angry... I found it hard to believe her dad could see her Facebook.

Anyway before we fought one time and then she completely ignore me and she went out with another guy who drained all her money and left her after she broke... Then she came back to me seeing the mistake she made.

I don't kno but feels like this might happen again...
Anyway she said that her father has her Facebook password and checks on it. During her birthday her father saw that I posted on her wall and said something with love in it. The father was furious, he didn't like me from the start to begin with. Anyway she said that her father doesn't want her to have any boyfriends as long as she's staying in his house and he doesn't like me from what I know before...

Thats the first time I heard that her father has her Facebook password.
Before she also said her friends have her Facebook password and login to her account to upload photos for her, anyway from what I conceived, her friends deleted me on Facebook and set her up with another guy because one of their friends liked her and they didn't know me at all

To be honest, she's not smart enough to create elaborate schemes to deceive me without me knowing. But then again she might meet guys and tell them she doesn't have Facebook. She hasn't tried to contact me recently also


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  • maybe she felt it was flirty and she doesn't want a guy/boyfriend to see it

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      I am her boyfriend!

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      ZenQueen is saying that she may be cheating on you I believe.

      Sorry to say it but it does sound like it.

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      well no I didn't know you were her boyfriend, that is weird... she should not be embarrassed by you and that's what it seems like, ask what she meant by "too sweet". I don't think she is cheating, because why would a guy care that her boyfriend sent her a sweet message? ..unless she keeps the fact you are dating a secret.