Nobody Left: But Love Left You!

After a break up, people ask: Who left? You or him? None of us left, love left us! That's the main reason behind most break ups. Now, you will say that the reason you broke up was different. If was because he cheated on you or you were arguing a lot etc. But aren't they hide the same thing behind?

Love left you and so the magic of it

Nobody Left: But Love Left You!

He cheated on you because he didn't love you anymore. You end it because of an argument because you couldn't ignore the small problems in your relationship as the magic of the love was disappearing. You were accepting your partner the way he was but after love left you, you couldn't stand even the small things. Because you went for it only for your feelings. You started your relationship because of your love. But after it left you, you had nothing left. Because you had no logic while taking a step. You saw nothing bad because of the magic of the love.

If you had even some logic before starting a relationship, you wouldn't come to the end when love left you. Your logic would help you go further. But you only held on love without knowing that it will leave you one day. Even if it doesn't leave you, it will go far away. It won't be the same. You won't feel the same all the time. . .

So it is neither you nor him, it is love who left you two. It left you helpless... It showed all the beautiful things and left you... It gave you all the beautiful feelings and left you... It left you all alone!


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  • unfortunately love left us too


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