How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back 💜

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back 💜

So you've been dumped by your ex boyfriend. You might have seen it coming or it might have hit you like a brick..

This is my first hand experience... This is what you can do but wh8lst maintaining ypur dignity and value...


Whatever you do. Don't beg, plead, get angry or be spiteful. Bite your tongue and walk away gracefully.

See the my take on how you do this 10 Steps on How to Deal With a Break-Up Like a Boss <3></3>


The No contact rule is essential. I've seen many online dating people say 30 days yada yada yada... I did no contact for 3 weeks. After the third week I understood why we broke up and was ready to talk to him without bursting into tears. If you are not at this point then you need a longer No contact period.

3 weeks is also the time frame it takes for for a man to reach the "missing" phase of the breakup.

Unless you were nasty to him, screamed or acted out then give it 4-5 weeks of no contact.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back 💜


I've read so much stuff on 'Don't reach out if you were dumped' and honestly I believed it myself... And then I relised it takes 2 to have a relationship, 2 people to argue, 2 people to get to the point where the relationship is over. So it shouldn't just be 1 person to reach out.

It's okay to be vulnerable, it's okay to reach out to the man who dumped you as long as you have done the no contact period first.


You must be at the point where if you receive a negative response from him then you can handle it..If you not at this point you need more time.

The lines of communication need to be opened up in a casual way. A text is a great way of reaching out. It's not formal and there's no chance of tripping up on your words.

See the my take on communication openers to send to your ex by text... How to Reach Out to Your Ex One Last Time ❤


If you can compose yourself enough then call him. Do it when you know he'll be home and relaxed, he'll be more likely to talk to you then.

You need a reason to call though to open up the lines of communication. And then usually you ask how each other are and the conversation should flow.

For example:

"Hey, I wanted to take a friend to that restaurant you showed me and I can't remember what it was called...". The conversation should flow after this.

AND THEN APOLOGISE...By now you know your part to play in the break up so you'll have something to apologise for. Be sincere and he should have reflected too so he'll be ready to apologise for his part in the break up.


Ask him if he wants to see you. He will say yes or maybe, if he says yes then let him take the lead and arrange where and when. If he says maybe then curteously leave the conversation there (If he's not ready to meet up yet then don't push it). He'll decide if he wants to or not and will let you know.

WHAT IF he's ANGRY OR doesn't WANT TO TALK? Unless he really doesn't want to talk to you or is still angry at you then he should start to talk. You'll be able to tell if he's guarded and then you should leave the conversation there. Kindly thank him for the information he's given you and curteously end the call.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back 💜


Do not initiate contact before meeting up with him.. you've made plans so don't pester him. He needs to miss you during this time.. your meeting up with him, if you constantly text/ call then he'll have nothing to miss or look forward to.

If he texts you keep it to short replies. Try not to talk about the break up or the relationship especially hurtful or painful memories.


The meet up- This is not a date, view it as 2 friends meeting up after a long time apart. Be yourself, the purpose is to reignite his attraction to you.

Laugh, smile and fill him in on the great things you've been up to. DO NOT talk about the relationship or break up unless he wants to talk about it... but don't get too heavy into this subject at the moment.

This is when you have to re- attract him, The break up questions can come later.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back 💜


You must relise that your old relationship is dead so it can't go back to what it was. Plus that old relationship broke down so why would you want it back anyway...

you need to DATE YOUR EX AGAIN ultimately.

BE happy, sweet and the girl he fell for all that time ago but this must be through fresh eyes. Go to new places together but only a few hours at a time...leave him wanting more.


Just like at the beginning he chased you. Well now your ex will be inspired to chase you again, but harder.

If you've followed the above and showed him what he's lost he will most likely fight tooth and nail for another chance. This is essential that you let him chase you at this stage otherwise if your chasing him and will push him away.

THIS IS WHERE IT MATTERS THAT HE DUMPED YOU..LET HIM WIN YOU BACK. If you don't let him win you back then you are not seen as a prize to be won back. Be strong, take it slow and get your love back but he needs to think it's his idea. If he doesn't think it's his idea to get back together, it will not last.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back 💜

9. HE MUST THINK IT'S HIS IDEA TO GET BACK TOGETHER...By letting him chase you, he will think it's his idea.

💜 💜 💜 💜

Your probably thinking this won't work..

Well, follow every step properly and it will. This is my first hand experience...

My ex broke up with me 3 weeks ago because we argued a lot, asked for his stuff back and blocked me on Facebook. I thought it was hopeless to ever get him back. Now...he's told me he still loves me and misses me like crazy and were meeting in 2 days..

Good luck x</p>

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back 💜
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Most Helpful Girl

  • vishna
    Ok, so, my boyfriend and I broke up maybe 2 weeks ago and I miss him like crazy. I cried (sobbed) and just craved him.

    BUT sometimes you really do just need to move on, and that's something I'm learning with time... and I think most people who try again do learn that it was a mistake and sometimes you have to trust your gut BEFORE you're lonely.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Anon-ymous1
    Gotta say... I appreciate the thought you put into all this but most of it doesn't really matter, no offense. If a girl wants to get her ex-boyfriend back, there's really only two things overall that matter and will get him back:
    1) Get hotter/prettier
    2) Offer more and better sex

    That's... pretty much it. All that other stuff is secondary.
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  • DatGuy2018
    With all due respect, even if this would be the ultimate golden guide in how-to-get-my-ex-back, why would anyone want their ex back anyways? I mean, aren't they your ex for a reason?

    Me personally think that it might be a slight overkill making a guide to regain your ex, but that's just my opinion. = )
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  • You overlooked a preliminary question: should you try to get back together? Usually, the best answer is "no."
  • ImSoSquishy
    yeah, no... i feel like this mytake will give a lot of girls false hope. most of the time if a girl was dumped, she was dumped for a reason. in most cases the guy will not go back to chase them, and they will just be getting hurt again from endless waiting or a rejection.
  • cavmanier
    It's pretty annoying most girls feel entitled for guys chasing them in the beginning. You want them to chase you even after they break up. That's extremely unattractive to try to maniple behavior like that.
  • alleecefounderofhfw
    My opinion/advice on this is; If you've broken up there is a reason for it. Move on, find someone else, there are MILLIONS of people in the world. If you've broken up once you'll do it again, and now instead of 1 year you've officially wasted 2 years... and so on and so forth. Until you are both old and miserable with no chance of ever getting another partner.
  • happyhippo
    It really depends on the relationship, thats not a universal "get your ex back guide", but I'm happy for you it worked. When me and my current boyfriend had broken up I did everything opposite to what all magazines said, including the no-contact period and now we're back together and stronger than ever. So my advise is, do what you feel is right and don't follow some stupid rules. That will take you where you need to be.
    • This is the only constructive advice in this whole question!

  • ChronicThinker
    Jk jk: the real trick is... don't. You're selling yourself short to want a person who clearly didn't want you as much as you did. Ladies, respect your goddamn selves.
  • Malik00
    You do realize you're basically encouraging being manipulative right?
  • NineBreaker
    If someone dumps you, why would you want them back?
  • pleasestopthis
    Thanks but no thanks. I must say points 8 & 9 show manipulative behaviour and I hate that.
  • Joker8
    Theoretically it's great but practically it shouldn't be done
  • zagor
    There is probably a good reason they broke up. Time to move on.
    • zagor

      And you do realize that he probably wants to get back together because he got horny and couldn't find another girl.

  • AngelicSin
    Yeah... NO.
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    5/5 breddy gud
  • Penelope_
    This is nice
  • Anonymous
    I do not think it works? I was dumped over 2 months ago and I did No contact for a month. after the month he did message me wishing me a happy religious holiday, saying I was a huge part of his life and that he hopes I am doing well. This was about 1.5 weeks ago. so i am not sure it works because i do not think he missed me enough to want to get back. by the way this was a long term serious relationship and we were very much in love.
  • Anonymous
    If its your EX don't reach out, is a reason is your EX. And if by some unworldly reason you hook up a 2nd time shit will hit the fan really bad. 3rd time will be even worst. Tried all 3 steps. Ended up fkin strange, where were complete different people by the end of it. Just DONT!