He left the country without telling me?

I got back with my ex boyfriend again, he dumped me months ago because it wasn't the right time for a relationship. So long story short, we were doing great on a friendly level until I did something that hurt him by accident of course and he decided to cut me off (really sensitive guy). Just a few days later he started talking to me again and sending me random texts then told me that he didn't keep in touch with me because he wasn't doing well. Then I didn't hear from him but I knew he was going away for six months but I wasn't sure when and now I just found out that he left without telling me, he didn't give back my things either. I never apologized to him for what I did but honestly it wasn't such bad thing. I feel very very hurt that he just left.. Although I was aware that going back to him was a bad idea and this wasn't really a surprise to be honest but I still feel very sad and hurt right now. Any advice?


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  • I think in order to move on from being hurt you half to forgive yourself and take it one step at a time when moving on just think of it you guys are at a good place as friends if you want to be considered more to him you need to allow everything to happen when it happens and try to learn more stuff you didn't know about him as friends


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