Ex girlfriend asks random questions?

My ex broke up 4 months ago (lost feelings, stress, needed some time to find herself ect)

After 2 months of total NC, she has begun texting me. Well... 2 times. But it is these completely random question. Like how many sq ft the store is that I work at... I know she has also joined Tinder (she showed up on mine)

What would think her motives are? She did not make any attempt to contact me during NC. We bumbed into each other at the gym 2 weeks ago and talked shortly about random stuff. The texts started after that.


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  • Well, it seems like she still has feelings for you. If I were you, I'd mention the past relationship in the texts. Tell her you still like her. I've done exactly what she's doing to guys before. It's a way of trying to talk but not sounding like you are desperate to talk. It's a way to rebuild the relationship.

    • So she is hoping that by starting a random talk with me she could get the communication going, and then I would be the one to bring up the relationship?

    • That's what it seems like to me. I have done it before.

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  • Loneliness.

    • That could be both good and bad right? She could miss me romanticly, and she could just miss my companionship

    • It is likely bad. You don't want a lonely person.

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