My ex boyfriend still talks to my mom?

I broke up with him in March after going out for a year and 5 months. He wanted to stay friends and I was willing to try but he started spreading these nasty rumors that I had cheated on him and was saying that he hoped my sick father bit the dust. He went from saying I was his everything to saying I cheated him with one of my friends. I didn't want anything to do with him after that and I haven't seen him since graduation. Now, I have a new boyfriend, I'm actually happy again (that relationship made me miserable), I'm hanging out with my friends more, and life is good. My ex boyfriend still feels the need to check up on me through my mom. I deleted/blocked him on Facebook because he kept "accidentally" messaging me things meant for other girls and it was annoying. The day after, he messaged my mom asking if I blocked him. Last week he asked how I was doing and said he hoped I was happy. When he found out I was in a new relationship he told my mom that the guy was very abusive to his past girlfriends and he was only using me for sex (complete lies). When my dad passed away, he offered his condolences. Why is he trying to stay in my life? Why is my mom okay with him talking to her? How do I tell my mom I want her to get rid of him too? She really liked him and I don't know if she has fully accepted that there is less than nothing between us now. I don't want him to care about anything in my life and I don't like him keeping tabs on me. And on a side note, why do people feel the need to keep me informed about him? I've been told he's hooked up with so and so or talking to what's her face. Am I supposed to care? Because I don't


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  • He is a scum. You shouldn't care. You're a very Strong woman.


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  • They are probably telling you about him because he's a jerk and is trying to keep updated on you. can you tell your mum exactly what happened, like how he spread roomers about you cheating, so she stops talking to him.


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