Just found out my boyfriend has a CHILD?

He has neglected to tell me since we started going out which was a few months ago, and the only way I found out was because he told one of my friends. He's been avoiding me lately(for weeks now) and I was going to break up with him this week actually, just wanted to do it in person. I was also feeling really angry and annoyed he hadn't even made an effort with me and I thought maybe he was cheating but now that I know this I'm thinking maybe it's because he hasn't told me this yet?

I'm still in shock and don't know what to think...I need advice from people who have been in the same boat! :( Right now I'm feeling terrible for judging but I honestly don't know if were going to work out now...I'm only 20 and he's 21! I don't even know how I'm going to look at him now...he hasn't told me yet but the fact that I KNOW about his situation has just made things so hard/awkward for me. I don't know what to do. :(


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  • Telling you he doesn't have a child for the first couple of dates, maybe acceptable, telling you but not wanting you to meet the child, again fair enough, but to not even tell you makes me wonder what else he isn't telling you.

    You were planning on breaking up with him anyway, and I'd have thought this gives you more reason rather than less to do it.


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  • Break up with him

    He lied about having a child

    Lying by omission is still lying

    If he will "neglect" to tell you about having a child, what else will he neglect to tell you about? Knowing that he has a child tells you he has had unprotected sex at least once in his life, what if he had an STD or disease? He would probably neglect to tell you about that too

    I dated a guy who would always be playing games and lying about bullsh*t. He told me he had a child "just to see what I would say", and then admitted that he didnt. That right there made me look at him completely different. A LIAR IS A LIAR, you can never trust them.


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