She said "We don't click anymore." What does she mean?

OK, my brother's girlfriend just broke it off and told him "We don't click anymore."

Here's my brother's description of the situation:
"She seemed more distant and her job tore us apart with different shifts. Now she doesn't have that job, but she's been sick and we've not been able to see each other for two weeks. I tried so hard to make her feel loved or make her smile when she seemed to be distant. She said she still loves and cares about me, but we just don't click. I can't help but feel like we could work again since she dosn't have an opposite schedule."

They were great together and I want to help my brother put together how she's feeling. I prefer girls' responses, but guys, if you've figured this out before, any input would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.


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  • "I lost that lovin' feeling" and I the magic is Not there anymore.
    She can say what she wants but she is only sugar coating the Inevitable that she doesn't want to be in a Real relationship with bro any longer Nor be hooked at the hip in heart, mind and soul.
    She cares about him and loves him as a person but is Not In love with him. Her chemistry has evaporated.
    Anytime someone is 'Distant,' tell bro, it is a sure sign that they are drifting away.
    Good luck and I am so sorry for your brother. xx


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  • She lost interest or found someone else. Maybe even got tired of being in a relationship


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