Why did he text me out of nowhere?

My ex-best friend/ex-boyfriend texted me wishing me a happy birthday after 3 weeks of not talking to me, & being EXTREMELY mean to me the last time we talked 3 weeks ago. He told me to lose his number & that there was no need to thank him for teaching me a lesson about how guys really are, now he wants to text me?

He also did not come say bye to me before I moved 14 hours away, & is coming to visit where I live (he's from here) in 2 weeks before he deploys.


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  • Sounds like he's looking for a hookup. Unless he also included an elaborate apology for what he did last time, well the fact that he isn't even thinking about that situation or how you might not be that interested in talking to him because of it, tells me that he isn't connecting to you on an emotional level. So, if not on an emotional level, then he's thinking purely on a physical level. Considering he will be deploying soon too I am sure he would like to have some fun before he leaves.


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  • When all else fails...as in he has played the field, can't find anyone right now, and his peeper is itching for some action. So...a text to you to see if you would run back to him and give him a shot...

    • He told me he had a new girlfriend last time he talked to me too, so maybe this "girl" that I never heard about before wasn't interested anymore.

  • maybe he wants to start talking to you again


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  • He's trying to be nice and pretend like he's extending the olive branch most likely because he wants to hook up again. He forgot the golden rule of not burning your bridges though. Don't give him another chance, he showed you the type of man he was when he was so mean to you. Ignore his text. Don't reply, just ignore, that will affect him more than any response you could give.


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