After Months of Chasing Me... Ex Rejects Me?

Okay, so this is kind of a lot of drama... Me and my ex broke up about 7 months ago for several reasons, one of which was he was moving overseas for a year (and we'd already been long distance for 1 year of the 3 we'd dated.)

For 3 months, we couldn't stop contacting each other... but almost all we did would be to fight. Finally, we seemed to get to a decent friendship place. A month later I met a really sweet guy and we started casually dating.

The whole 4 months we'd been broken up, my ex had been complaining about all these reasons he wouldn't date me again, but he still "cared so much and images me as the mother of his future children." Now that I was dating the guy, suddenly my ex wanted to get back together.

I tried to break off contact a couple of times, but I realize now I was still really into my ex... It was my big mistake, and after about 2 months, me and the new guy ended things.

In the last month, I've really been trying to repair things with the ex. He'll be back within 2 hours of me in about 3 months. But all of a sudden... He's started pushing me away. He always has some excuse why he can't talk to me... too tired, mostly... and if I get angry, he just says," I'm sorry... what else do you want me to do?" If I tell him... he says he'll do that, because he cares so much, I'm the girl for him... and then he doesn't do it.

If I break off contact... he freaks, and starts telling our friends about how much he loves me and that I "never gave him a chance."

What the heck is going on?!
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PS: He also says things like "he doesn't deserve me" and that he's a "bad gamble" for me (he's gonna move back home, jobless, and live in his parents' basement for a few months...) If he thinks I'm so great, why doesn't he try to stay with me?
After Months of Chasing Me... Ex Rejects Me?
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