Do girls truly know what loneliness feels like?

If a guy is single he has to go above and beyond to convince a girl that he's good enough to take her out on a date. Even still, this usually only happens after several rejections which only makes the loneliness feel even worse. Girls are constantly being chased and complimented and made to feel like they are desired, wanted, and sought after. They receive so many messages that they ignore most of them and can be as choosy as their heart desires.

My ex for example was already hooking up with guys on Tinder within days of our breakup, meanwhile I was barely even getting matches and got no dates whatsoever until 8 months after the breakup. Girls, even if you're only getting messages for guys looking for hookups, it's a whole new level of loneliness when you get literally NOTHING and get ignored or rejected by nearly everyone.

Like literally no human contact whatsoever aside from myco-workers (all male) and literally 0 matches or replies on any and every dating site.
Yeah guys are on a while new spectrum of loneliness than girls
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No, girls can get just a lonely as guys
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9 mo
If you vote the second option, please explain. Also by the way there was a subreddit for lonely women and they had to restrict it to invite-only because the women there were receiving too many messages... ironic. Yeah a male only subreddit for lonely men would be just that... lonely men and no messages lol.
9 mo
Just to be clear. I know that women can be lonely. I know that they can feel hopelessly depressed over it too. I'm just saying to feel wanted by NOBODY for NOTHING. Is different. Even if it is "just for sex" us men don't even have that lol. I'm sure most men can agree that we'd at least like to have some physical touch when we're lonely but no. We have absolutely painfully NOTHING when we are lonely.
Do girls truly know what loneliness feels like?
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