Are we breaking up?

lots of drama in my relationship currently and I'm not sure where we stand. I'd love to discuss it with him but kinda hard to talk to someone who is Mia 😳

we have been together close to a year now. our relationship has always progressed gracefully and in a positive manner
... he got instantly distant this week. honestly you'd think I cheated with how reluctant he is to talk to me. we had our first argument over the weekend, it was a minor argument from my perspective... he always calls me his girl, and I am his man. I stated that I was his girlfriend and he went into this odd panic mode. only days before he'd said he wants to spend his life with me, so it was confusing and unsettling... although came to an accord at the end of the argument. Since then his silence has been like a constant screaming in my ear, it is painful and leaves me feeling that things really aren't sorted. He has stated he doesn't want me gone, and I'm holding onto that but his actions are showing the opposite. Innitally I thought he just needs space, we all do sometimes... but starting to think he's trying to push me away instead of actually leaving. I know an angry Aquarius male shuts down, but I've never felt so invisible to him or anybody for that matter. like talking to a brick wall. He blaintenly ignores me. doesn't say goodnight anymore. will respond with "love you too" but won't say I love you... up until now he would tell me he loves me randomly throughout the day, all day everyday. he has always been very affectionate up until now. I feel like I'm being punished but I haven't done anything wrong...
what are indications a man is trying to push his girl away?


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