Should I tell his wife he cheated on her?

So long story short I was talking to this guy for a long time and we finally decided to meet and go on a trip together on the last day on the drive back I ended up finding out he was married obviously I feel disgusted with myself since I never wanted to be that type of person who would do something like that but it happened now I'm debating on whether I should tell his wife is it my place even I don't know I think she deserves to know but I don't know if I should be the one to tell her I mean I am the one he cheated on her with. Also I don't know if this makes a difference but we never actually had sex I'm a virgin and said I wasn't ready which he understood turns out that was the best decision I've ever made I can imagine how I'd feel if I actually let him have sex with me. I did do other things with him like cuddles handjobs and a bj plus kissing other than that I feel it was mostly emotional cheating he did with me but honestly I don't know what to do , do I tell her or do I just leave it alone like I have I no longer talk to him for obvious reasons but I just need help with what I should do.
Should I tell his wife he cheated on her?
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