Ex won't look me in the eyes or talk to me?

I dated a guy for half a year pretty intensely. It's been half a year since my ex and I broke up, he's dated 2 people and is still dating one now. Since we broke up he refuses to talk to me. Technically I ended the relationship but he said he was out of love with me anyway.

To this day, 6 months later, he avoids my gaze whether he's confidently walking with his new girl or alone he won't look at me when I wave or smile he just walks in the other direction or turns his head away so he won't have to see me.

We're both 22. We had some arguments after the breakup and I dated a friend of his after he said he didn't like me at all and had already begun dating other girls (both those relationships are over though)

. So what's up? Why can;t he be indifferent so we can be friends? We have the same social circle so he's been making it pretty awkward with his coldness anger...and now just plain ignoring. Weird...and kinda immature. but tell me what you think


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  • Yep its always the same. when you do the breaking up you want to be friends but when youve been dumped you don't want to.

    Oh and a big side note. you dated one of his friends. If my ex dated one of my friends I would never speak to either of them again. Out of all the people in the world to choose from, why would you date one of your ex's friends?

    Sorry to take sides, I don't normally do that but that's a moral grey area for me. You don't date your ex's friends regardless of how the relationship ended.

    • The question is why would one of his friends date her? He wasn't a friend anyway.

    • The question is why would one of his friends date her? he wasn't a friend anyway

    • Yeah it works both ways. I shouldn't have emphasized more on her part but yes my "mate" would definately get a punch to say the least.

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  • You dumped him? You want to be friends with him? I've heard this from my ex about a fortnight ago. Course I don't want to be your friend! I'm still in love with you and I probably will have feelings for you forever. I can't be 2 feet away from you and not hold your hand and I can't see you with another guy because it will set my mind to racing and upset me hugely.

    Same applies to your guy.

  • he still has feelings if he can't even look at you. If he were over you he would be mature and allthough friendship maybe impossible, simply ignoring you means he still has feelings for sure, and you waving or calling him is like a smack in the face. So let him get over you then he won't be acting like this. He will most likely give you a call to see how you are after a while when he is over you.

  • He's your ex, he doesn't have to be your friend. At on point in time he had feelings for you, and he doesn't want to remember those feelings.


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