What do I do now that my ex said there is no chance for us?

i just texted my ex last night after a month of not talking "I'm sorry for contacting you when I said I wouldn't but I wanted to ask one more time if there is a chance we can work things out". and he said "no chance". so then a few hours later I said "you will always have a place in my heart. I love you" and got no response. although I expected the response I got, I still was pretty hurt by it. now, I don't now what to do. I by all means do not want to bother him or make things worse, but I truly love him so much and wish he could see how much I've changed. so, what do you do when you love someone so much? do you keep fighting to show them you love them, or do you just give up the fight, which in my opinion shows that you never loved them?


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  • If you love someone as much as you say, then you can let him go.

    If it was meant to be he'll come back.

    They always do.

    You're not giving up but your saving yourself the hurt of him ignoring you.

    I was in the same situation as you this past year.

    It might be a while, but it gets easier.

    I promise.


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  • It really depends, what was the reason for your breakup?

    • the reason for our breakup was because he said that he could no longer believe me when I said I loved him. I did treat him badly, and he treated me badly. we both made mistakes, I just admit mine where he justifies his. we broke up a lot through out the relationship and every time I would tell him I would change and I was sorry and I saw my mistakes but I always went back to the way I was. so this last time, he said he just did not have any faith in me anymore. he was very mean about it.

    • It sounds like it's really up to you then.. can you change for him?

    • yes I can definitely change. the problem is, I've told him this before and never did. so he doesn't believe me. I'm the girl who cried wolf. I finally am willing to change and understand all my mistakes, but I'm pretty sure its too late

  • By the sound of it's he's already given up on you so their really is nothing worth fighting for. Sorry I know it sucks but you really need to move on.


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  • I'm going through the same but my case is different because I'm a lesbian & my ex told me she loves me but it's hard , because we in a long distantace well were because it seems like it's over , I decided I won't bother her & just leave her a lone I got a text from her she was like I miss you & after that me & her haven't talked for a week , I know how you feel because I feel the same I'm not giving up I'm gnna still fight for her , but sometimes you need to put yourself on there shoes to see how they feel so give the guy some time a lone don't text him , show him tht you can live without him , no1 likes people tht feel needy , we all like What we cnt have , show him tht your a strong girl & b strong keep going with your life b happy I know your Hurt because I'm like tht too . Give time to time have faith who knows if he's gnna miss you 1 day but dnt throw your life away because of some1 love yourself 1st think positive , I'm doin the same I'm moving on with life if my ex girl wants me back then woo hoo yay ! But if she doesn't I'll keep going , you do the same :) he said there's no chance well thts his lost , just b positive you never know What could happen next :) smile Dnt tell him you love him he knows tht already , just please I know I repeat myself a lot but b STRONG ! Dnt chase him dnt do things for others do it because of you , your betteer than him but like I said who knows if he might change his mind after all because your not bein needy dnt call him nothing ! Hope I helped good luck !

    • thank you for your kind words. its been a month since he was very mean. he dedicated eminems "25 to life" song to me and said I'm poison. part of me thought he was just angry. but I finally gave him what he wanted and did not contact him for 3 wks, but he didn't contact me either. would he already have decided he doesn't miss me, or is it too soon? I did have an ex come back to me after 4 yrs. he even got married,had kids during that time. but they got divorced and there he was. so I know it CAN happen

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    • its definitely over for us. I talked to him on the phone last night and asked if he's with someone else and he claims he has been talking to someone for a week, that they have a lot in common, and she's a breath of fresh air. I told him "yah that's how it always is in the beginning jerk". we were yelling and screaming (more him), so no way in hell will I go back now. he already moved on to someone new? now I have no doubt he never loved me and meant all that marriage stuff. he's a user and abuser

    • Omg :/ I'm sorry to head this well hun , still stay strong move on with your life your a great girl just stay positive :) trust me things are gnna get better .

  • give up the fight and try to move on as best you can, he might see how amazing you're doing without him and have feelings for you again, then again he might just move on with his own life as well, which he would have done anyway if you had kept "fighting". believe me, the more you "fight for love" the more you push them away, there's no fighting for anything if he's not feeling it

  • I would say to just move on. if he said "there is no chance" then I think it's just time to accept it.

    I know it won't b easy but I just don't want you to dwell on it and get depressed.


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