Why can't I shake my ex off my mind?

So my ex and I have been broken up for almost a year. We have hooked up a few times since. It's been really hard for me to completely move on. I have never had a hard time with my other break ups. And we always randomly end up at the same places, the last being a couple days ago. He was friendly, gave me a hug. But I always miss him more, and want him again, when I do see him. Then I get all emotional again. I text him after I saw him and said it was nice to see him. Then I asked if I could come by (I know, probably not a smart thing to do)and he said not a good idea because he was going through some s*** with his car, but he said "Don't be mad". It seems he doesn't want to hurt my feelings, so he still cares? Then I feel rejected again, and I get upset, then he gets upset. It sucks, but I've done this many times before, but he still hugged me that day. I guess his actions are misleading. ?

I'm just stuck...I hate that I'm still hung up on him. =(


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  • coz you are on social media and spend lot of time staring at pictures of couples ( happy ones)

    and think of things that could have happened with you if things went the right and stuff

  • I would suggest that you try no contact for a month and see if you still have feelings. My situation is a little similar to yours, except for the fact that I became a little creepy by being needy, my ex doesn't want anything to do with me and I still want to start over, she has a new boyfriend now of five months and set a wedding date for them. We broke up last October and no one works but her.


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  • im still hung up on my ex. if you keep having physical contact with him (eg. hooking up) it'll make it harder to move on. if he really is misleading you with his actions, you might just want to come right out and ask him if he's still interested in you. some guys are just looking for fun. but if he really cares about you, he'll stop the mixed signals.

    • I know! It's crazy because I already know what I have to do and that's to break all contact...but it's so hard. I think about him everyday. I've dated other guys, but nothing has panned out. And it's not because of him, these guys just aren't ready. I want to move on and meet someone. I expressed my feelings towards him and it backfired. I know he's probably is tired of this emotional rollercoaster, I am too. I don't want bad blood between us. But maybe it has to turn sour in order for me to move on

    • i had to make my ex be mean to me in order for me to move on and I mean reallyyyy mean. in my opinion just do what you gotta do you'll keep the people that really matter and meet the ones that do in time.

    • Omg, that's true! I told him a few times, Just tell me to f*** off. But he never did. In fact, last night, we were texting back and forth. He told me he was talking to someone else and he felt it best we not talk for a while because he didn't want to "scare off this new friend". My response, "That's cool. I'm actually glad to hear that. It will def be a lot easier for me to move on, and I hope everything works out for you. Hugs". He never responded to that. I was sad, but relieved too.

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