Ex calling me buddy. [Please read]

I'll try to keep it short.

Ok, so I was going out with this girl [now my ex] for a while, and then we broke up. She has had a Boyfriend after we broke up, but they recently broke up.

I was talking to her, and when the convo was over she just said, "See ya buddy." She has also called me buddy while she was with her previous BF. She doesn't call everyone buddy though. She calls her other guy friends honey, sexy, love, etc. But She doesn't like them them more than a friend.. I'm sure of it.

I still have feelings for her and would like to tell her that.. but if she's calling me buddy, does that mean that I'm no more than a friend at this point?


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  • I think you're reading wayyyyyy too much into her use of "cutesy" terms for people.


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