My ex still says I'm amazing?

Throughout our relationship, he would say how 'amazing' I was. He said I'm gorgeous, funny, have the same interests... he even went as far as saying "you're just perfect" and I mean he said this a WEEK before we broke up. We broke up after an argument (he broke up with me as he felt I wanted him to break up with me) but if he really thinks I'm that amazing then why would he let me go? He says "Maybe we will get back together at some point in our lives" Why say that to someone you've broken up with?!


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  • My ex said the exact same thing to me! Told me I'm unlike 99% of people out there and many other things. I think your guy isn't being completely honest with you. Him saying he broke up with you because he thought you wanted him too seem likes bullsh*t to me.

    • yea I think he's lying somewhere down the line but the breaking up part does make sense a little. miscommunication more than anything id say. I'd spoken to him about it a month earlier because I felt we were rushing things, so when I brought up my concerns about it again a month later, he broke up with me. & automatically said he wish he didn't & also said all he wants is to be with me. but he's not so I don't know he's confusing

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