Ex boyfriend having a baby?

I dated this guy for 5 years. OF course we talked about marriage and having kids... We lived together and then We broke up 4 years ago. We still remain in contact. We talk every once in a while. He is dating someone now and so am i. Just back in december he called and wished me happy holidays and I said the same. I found out on facebook through his sister that he's having a baby. I called and texted to congratulate him and he has completely ignored me. What's the deal? I'm genuinely happy for him and his gf...He normally always always calls me back or texts me right away? Why would he be avoiding me? A while ago I had a pregnancy scare with my boyfriend and I talked to my ex about it. He flipped he said he never ever wanted to know if I got pregnant, He asked me to refrain from touching any subject that involved marriage or kids in my life. So I dontknow why he would be avoiding me?


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  • I can relate to your situation. The on and off long term relationship that broke up it seems...eons ago. Yet the feelings linger on and on. I would liken the feeling to what it must be like to have an Ex wife (or husband).

    He likely does not want to be reminded of what he could have had with you. He wants to focus on his current GF. His current Girlfriend could be the jealous posessive type and insist that he not talk to you...etc...etc...etc.

    Just give him time. Odds are given your history he will be back in contact at some point.


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  • no matter what happens if you have bein with someone

    for a long time you will always have feelings for them,

    its probably touchy as no one wants to know about there ex having sex

    it hurts, I don't no why but I feel the same way he is!

    • yea I can see that. I jsut think he is a bit embarrassed. I must admit I was shocked since he was the onlyman I thought about having kdis with but I am sincerely and genuinely happy for him. I hope one day he is able to come around and say something.

  • he still likes you, why eles would he not want to talk about kids with you


    • well you must still like him to then

  • prime example of how people move along...f*** it just forget about it


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  • Because he expected that when he told you he never wanted to know if you were having kids or getting married you'd show him the same courtesy. He's having a baby, his girlfriend is in a very sensitive and insecure position right now. And the ex girlfriend comes sniffing around (sorry, but I know that's how I would react to an ex texting my current beau), I would hope that my boy would not text her back or keep any communication with her. I would be concerned that he still had feelings.

    It's almost impossible to remain friends with an ex, there's too much history and shared memories, and it's always uncomfortable for your current partner if you are in contact with your ex.

    I'd just let this one go, focus on your new life and enjoy it.

    • Thanks! I completely understand. Since he is always the one to initate contact or even call when he's in my city I just thought I could call and congratulate ya know? but I can totally see why he's being respectful due to his current situation :)

    • I'm right there with you, its difficult to balance being a friend, an adult, and a current love, especially if you guys were young and talked about a future together and now he's actually going there. I wouldn't worry about it, eventually he'll grow up enough, and his new ladylove will grow secure enough, that you might be able to be friends, but in the intrim, I wouldn't push it or worry about it, just be happy for him.

  • It sounds like your ex is trying to just move on completely from you since now he has a baby on the way. Who knows if his girlfriend found out he was communicating with you and gave him an ultimatum. As far as he not wanting to know if you are pregnant is because he probably still has feelings for you which is why is remained in contact with you even though you both were dating someone else. I kinda went through that just recently myself and now she and he are engaged and she was pregnant but loss the baby. Now I am blocked from him phone even though he would tell me he still loves me and misses me. But your ex is ignoring you because he is probably a little confused and feels that if he is now going to be a daddy he need to leave you behind. I would just leave it at that and leave him alone completely and let him figure his life out. It is great by the way that you are happy for him.

    • Yes I know your right. I'm sure him becoming a new father might have brought on a bigger sense of maturity and realized that us communicating was not right. Plus I also think hes' a bit embarrassed for giving me such a hard time when I joked about being pregnant a year ago. I have left him alone and I wish him the best of luck!

    • That is so mature of you and a really hard thing to do. I wish I had that kind of maturity sometimes

  • Ever think that he could possibly still love you?

    • Oh no this is not the case. We have talked about it and we have both expressed that we are very important in each others lifes since we were high school sweet hearts but we both realized we met at the wrong time and we were too young. We are sincerely happy to still talk and have moved on. I personally think he's kind of embarassed to tell me he has a baby on the way!

    • That is understandable, I would feel the same way.

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