When should you end a relationship?

When I’m with him, we’re like the best team and even when we’re apart. But sometimes, when I take a step back, I just don’t know if we’re compatible. We both share same ambitions and dreams. However, culturally, I’m not so sure that we match. I don’t feel like he’s open to my culture. Also, I feel like if we disregard his family situation, then we would be a power couple. But, due to family circumstances and his priorities, I need to be kept a secret until marriage is on the table and I think that even after marriage, if it ends up getting there, that he will always choose them over me.

Some people say that if your needs aren’t being met, then it’s time to leave. But how can I tell the difference between it being a rough patch vs a rough relationship overall.

We’ve been together for 2 years, and he has a lot of things on his mind, so maybe that is affecting our relationship?

For me, I find it hard to connect with him if we don’t meet for long periods of time, I don't know of that normal or abnormal.

How did you know when you needed to take a break/call it off?
When should you end a relationship?
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